What’s the difference between Deep Work and Block Distractions? They sound the same.

Sidd Rtha P.
Block Distractions is about setting up for deep work. Deep work gives you the time to concentrate on the meaningful work. You should do these habits in this order so they are efective
Valdemar Z.
Block distractions is what I do before I go into deep work. I make sure my phone is on silent, I close my email and put in my head phones so that I won't get distracted during deep work. For deep work I set a time apart that I am going to work on one thing only. If a distraction comes up I write it down for later and continue working on what I was working on originally.
Milena E.
For me, deep work means choosing to concentrate on a certain task or goal. Block distractions means to put away the phone, turn off notifications, put on a timer, etc. The prior emphasizes the task at hand, the latter emphasizes the effort to not be distracted.
Chloe Q.
Block distractions just means not getting distracted by emails, Facebook notifications, etc. It might not be work related
Izolita Q.
I think Deep work is when you are doing your work with out distractions and block distractions is when you unplug your devices.