When do you go to sleep? I struggle to find time to exercise in the morning.

Sacramento Gomes
The best time for me is in the early morning as am an early bird person. i usually go to bed around 11:30-12 and I would wake up at 6:30. I take my dog out for a quick walk and hit the gym right after. I usually work out for an hour before heading to work. i find exercising in the morning very stimulating. It helps me active and motivated all day long and give a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Rasmus Johansen
Working out a relaxing routine, will prove rewarding with sleep.
Finding time to exercise is relatively easy.
Turn everything into a stretch, anything you do on your right repeat with your left.
Getting your day off to a good start will boost energy and positivity throughout the day.

Olivier Pires
My bedtime varies due to circumstances on any given evening. I try to start my evening routine early so I can be in bed by 10:00pm, watch Trevor Noah from 10:00-10:30pm (I know, I know, the pundits all say that it is bad to watch TV or be active online before bed, but that is what I do so I can watch Trevor Noah and then go immediately to sleep.
As for getting up in the morning to exercise, at first it was a bit of a chore, as I don’t always sleep well and often wake up tired.
However, by using the tools on the Fabulous App, I have come to cherish my morning routine, and really use the quiet time for ‘me’ time. Even if my muscles are sore, I look forward to doing my ballet barre (45-60 minutes) every morning, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards.
I think a big key to getting motivated to exercise in the morning is choosing an exercise routine that you really like, so it is a reward rather than a punishment.
Good luck, keep at it, and in no time it will be something that you look forward to!

Rafaela Peixoto
I try to sleep by 9:00pm though mostly it ends up being 10:00pm.
If you are struggling to find time for exercise in the morning, you can try waking up half an hour earlier. That surely will make a difference😃

Isaac Berger
I try to unplug about 9ish. That gives my brain time to slow down. Sleep comes usually between 10 and 10:30. Exercising in the morning is also a challenge. I'll do 10 minutes of movement with 10 at lunch and 10 after work. That's 30 minutes a day. I try to get at least 150 total minutes. I try to do higher impact and cardio for longer periods on the weekend or my day off. Breaking it up during the day helps my consistancy.