What do you prioritize in the morning? My habits are adding up and I think I need to choose some.

Luka A.
I prioritize habits/activities on the impact it could bring long term/short term. Eg. Rather than fire fighting (very urgently+very important) or distractions (very urgent+not important)/time wasters (not important+not urgent), I would pick quality time tasks (very important, not urgent). This could be working on a value adding (secret) project, content writing, studying, reading. Or this could be long term effective quick habits before starting anything else for the day, such as drinking water, quick meditation. I'd never look at the phone or social media or mails, but work on the quality work time.
Gilda Z.
I had the exact same issue actually. I started to add so much cause I realized it was all so good for me. But then I started to understand I don't need to do all of this stuff in the morning to develop good habits. So I just narrowed down what was helping me most towards developing strong habits and added that.
Neil Z.
The golden triangle is what I prioritize: water, food and exercise. What they look like day to day will vary. It's possible that you've added habits too quickly. Don't be afraid to step back from what's not working for you. However, it is important to celebrate each habit and associate it with a good feeling. This will help you really want to do each one. You can also choose to spread your habits out across the day, rather than putting every little thing on the morning timeframe.