What do you do for your deep work?

Jacob A.
The thing is the hardest for that day. Maybe starting a report, thinking through a difficult problem, or implementing an algorithm.
Mandy F.
My deep work focus is while I am reviewing the financials for clients or for homework in my intermediate accounting college class.
Freja W.
Firstly, I keep my all distractions aside and steam timer for 20 mins and choose my subject or my work which I have to work on. Timer makes things easy, it gives you positive stress to complete your ya get before time and in this manner productivity also doubles up.
邝文清 N.
1.Set small goals. The smaller, the better. Maybe you can set only one simple goal first, and you can keep it in your mind if you like N you don't have to write it down. It's up to you.
2. Get away from your phone. You can tell yourself that people in the past could leave without phone. That maybe cheer you up and maybe can give you courage to try to have a period of time that without phone.
3. Something that I think the most important is that you don't have to focus on the results of your work but the period of time. Just enjoy the time that you work but not a good result and you may be more happy to do that. Then U may feel U learn a lot or U may feel you create something that is valuable or blahblah…
4. It maybe carry the same meanings with point3 in someways. When you do anything you can find a place that comfort you, and You'd better not be disturbed.
Fighting 💪
Be Ta N.
It depends on what needs to be done on a relatively loose deadline. Sometimes I read a chapter from an academic book, at other then I do some online research (e.g. to find papers or films relevant to my research). But the other day I came across some interesting takes on the Deep Work routine in the live challenge forum. Basically, people seem to use this time to consciously immerse themselves in any kind of activity that they have been putting off for a while. Be that the planning of the renovations on the house, or some creative hobby, such as drawing and painting. I think the emphasis on the word “deep”, rather than on “work”. Thus, a work-from-home freelancer like me would force themselves to do actual work related to their jobs, while someone who works fixed 8-12-hour-long shifts daily, might prefer to take up a hobby or tend to their families and homes in those daily 25 minutes. I hope this helps. Let’s do our best! 🙂
Sally Z.
Usually I focus on my personal business necessities. I take the time to study or prepare material for my next session or file documents.
Erstename S.
I'm a college student, so I plan all of my tasks ahead of time (like on Sundays). Then, during my Deep Work sessions, I can start up a timer, pick a task, and get it done, or at least make progress on it.
Noe Q.
I use sessions of a technic named pomodoro, where you use a timer to work for 25 mins and then take a break of 5. There is a website that I use for that. It's called tomato timer, it's great.
Ankit N.
I try to not concentrate too hard on being laser focused and not being distracted by the thoughts, but I create a feeling of ease and chill in my mind and set an anchor point ( in my case the feeling of my floor touching any surface) to come back whenever I notice that my mind has been distracted by any feelings or thoughts.
Miriam G.
First I eliminate all distractions as best I can. Phone is on silent or somewhere else. Do not disturb on my computers. I bring a glass of water to my workspace and do a quick internal scan to see if I need a snack or a bathroom break or something first. If not I set a timer, usually for 25 minutes, and work. Usually I'm also wearing a noise-cancelling headset.