How do you measure the depth of your work?

Danny Y.
I am an artist and my work is everything to me. I have no problem with deep concentration. My problem is never with my work but with all of the other little things in life.

Jean T.
My commitment to fabulous help me to do this. There is no method of measuring the depth of your is only feeling . because after deep work session if u feel satisfied only it is metter.i feel like i did some thing that i wanted to do since long time.thanks to fabulous App….and if you are a fabulous sphere member …then you goona feel more satisfied because u pay huge money for it…and you feel you made a good investment.

Eliot E.
Deep work is that work, which qualifies as key to your goal, if you could pick just one (or three) this year. Deep work is not necessarily full of pleasure – it can be hard, and feel overwhelming at times. But you truly believe in its destination , or for now truly believe in it.