What do you do when you “do” deep work? Write? Journal? Sit quietly?

Josh F.
Journal – I write about my feelings almost daily
Deep work- can be reading more to collect information about the work I do
Sit quiet- only for meditation
Marica G.
I use this feature for my worksessions. I focus on a single task and set a goal that is ambitious, so I really need to work focused and smart to achieve it.
Ugo U.
My Deep Work time is very important to me for that is the time when I execute my most needed tasks to accomplish things like making schedules calls, read my very valuable emails mainly in the interest of my business and some brainstorming as well. Here of late my morning’s and afternoons and nighttime hours have been spent in doing Deep Work business opportunities, activities, and engagements.
Antonin Y.
I’m a student, so I generally do homework. This normally entails reading and writing. I also write as a hobby, so sometimes I use the deep work time for that. It’s especially important to keep your focus and work deeply during creative activities that require a flow. For me, reading is like that too. The things where I feel I just need to buckle down and block distractions are the things I need deep work time for.