How much time do you dedicate to deep work each day? I find that just 30 mins is not enough to get it all done.

Villads W.
Yes I agree . In my line of work . I get some pause in between either from staff or from patient. From emails or calls & huddles and issues. Felt that my deep work is really not a deep or – it break in between and at times forgetting where you left and how you have to start again.
Flenn P.
Hardly any for my “true” work — the work I believe I am in the planet to do and which is different from my 9 to 5 job. I yearn to do more. At times in the past when I seemingly had more flexibility of time, around 5 hours a day of this deep work felt marvelous.
T Lia Z.
Well if that what suit you then stay with that it what suits you and what your life style like because what work for someone else might not work for you so go by what is easy for you
Connie P.
I try to make several 25-minute sessions to not get overwhelmed, about 4 sessions in my 9-hour shift work just fine for me
Beatrice B.
30 minutes is not enough time to get all the deep work done, especially if you have a job. I’m retired now, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to go to work and accomplish all the things you have to do at work with a smart phone in my purse or on my desk . I use the 30 minute deep work session to start on something I’ve been procrastinating on. Once I get started I seem to enjoy keeping it up