What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? A noisy one? Quiet?

Lorraine Z.
I like a little bit of noise, but not anything too loud. White, variant noise is best for me, like in a cafeteria or cafe. Some upbeat instrumental music (or low-fi beats) works wonders!
Julia Z.
If I have reading or writing to do, I need a quiet environment. I can’t listen to music because if it has lyrics I start listening and singing along and even if it’s instrumental, I start thinking about the melody instead of focusing on reading. Even at a loud, busy coffee shop with background music and noise (where my boyfriend likes to work), I find myself distracted. If I am doing cleaning, math, or drawing, I can always listen to music because I can do both at the same time.
Alison E.
A quiet one. Habits are a change in deep beliefs and the only way you are able to access those beliefs is to sit with yourself and ask yourself why you believe what you believe.
Alyssa I.
I dislike working in complete silence but a noisy one wouldn’t do for me either. I enjoy working with music on, preferably instrumental, so I don’t get distracted by the lyrics 😊
Sebastian P.
A noisy environment when I’m doing menial tasks or something visual. A quiet one when I’m reading or studying a language.