I have a great Fabulous AM routine for waking up in the AM, but I struggle still at “not being consciously awake” enough to remind myself through self-talk why I’m choosing to get up early, and to remind myself to not crawl back in bed. How can I jump start the habit?

Leonard Z.
Nice question. I had these same feeling but for some reason, I could develop that. One idea is to put some reminders before going to bed for the reason you want to wake early. And when you do, you check these reminders. Put in your alarm or in post its. Another idea is to win everyday. And get use with that. Instead of waking up reallocate earlier, try for one week, wake up 10 minutes less than you are used to. And celebrate your conquer. After this week, improve on the next one. And keep going.
Rose B.
Always, when your alarm rings at your specific time you have decided to wake up on, tell yourself : Now or never. If you went back to bed, after waking up you'll figure out how much things you could have done are gone. And the next morning and you won't repeat the same mistake, cause you have learned that time is gold. Hope this helps you.