What are some things you are doing to get into states of deep work without distractions?

Cheri Q.
I put my phone on do not disturb and I get into a position that’s not to comfortable but not uncomfortable (for me that’s the floor on a mat with a pillow)

I also look forward to the reward with doing the work as motivation

Lyle R.
F11 is a magical key. It maximizes your screen so you see only what you're working on. If you use dual monitors, you can open YouTube to a music channel (one of those 6 hour ambient things) and fullscreen that as well. No tabs, no clocks, no pop-ups… It really helps me get in the zone.
Carolina E.
Turn off your notifications on your phone. Go to a private room and close the door. Listen to music if that helps but do what works for you. It’s really hard for me to work in a messy room, so if it’s the same for you. Clean it a bit before you start.
Tonya O.
Tidy up my environment, locking my door (giving my kids an hour of tv time so I have limited distractions), using the timer in fabulous
Angela O.
Switch my phone off. I live with people so I go to a room where there is no distractions. Being at home with others is so easy to get caught up with chit chat here and there and that adds up by the end of the day. It also takes your focus away from what you initially planned to do, making it harder to get through. If I know an activity I need to do will take a few hours, I prepare healthy snacks and herbal teas to set up my environment. By doing this I create a welcoming space to my work and also won't be distracted by hunger or getting up for snacks which can be a distraction and form of procrastination. I might use a beautiful tea pot, burn some incense and then I'm excited to stay focused with the new inviting space I have created for myself.
Deborah W.
I start with a clear goal in mind. Then I make sure that I have the necessary resources to accomplish the task. I eliminate as many interruptions as possible (like turning off notifications) I set an alarm or timer to bring me back out so I don’t stay there too long. Lastly, I just start.
Rupsa Z.
switch off your phone .. keep a glass of water nearby.. and make sure the evbironment is clean and everything is organized .. wear comfy vlothes and start… really focus.. and promise to give yourself a reward after you have finished it..
Joana B.
honestly I just search for inspiration before starting. When I get inspired to do something I’m more likely to do it without any distractions 🙂