How do you say no politely

Jacopo Q.
Explain your reasons. A simple polite no will probably make the other person ask again and again and in the end you'll have to be rude.

S E M N.
Sorry, I’m just not able to add that to my plate right now. Also being quite busy, I’m certain you understand an overflowing plate.

Thank you for understanding!

Alice F.
Say no, and explain why. The explanation doesn't have to be valid to them, but valid to you. For example, say someone is asking you to go out to the bar tonight. Simply say "No, thank you for inviting me but I am feeling tired and would prefer to get some rest" in this sort of situation you could always reschedule if you want to!

Debbie P.
Personally I would just tell people my reason to refuse especially if the refusal is healing me but then again it depends on the people I'm saying no to. If it's someone i care about I'd try to make them understand but if it's an acquaintance I'd be reluctant to refuse. If I feel really guilty about it I'll say sorry and try to make up for it the next day

Walter E.
You can say no politely by simply doing that: Oh! no thank you, i appreciate the offer but ___ (and then state your reasoning)

Saint Jude N.
Saying a ‘NO’ was never rude but it depends on your attitude while saying NO. So be in your best attitude while saying no to avoid making it look rude.

Baleine O.
A no will always be uncomfortable, badly taken. There is no way to say no politely, excepting “thank you but no” with a sweet or neutral tone.
A no is a no, and should be accepted by the person who’s taking it, even if it’s offensive, as well as you do when it happens to you. But it’s my opinion so.

De N.
That's hard because I have a hard time saying no but as I grow older I have learned that I can not do all. So, I just say I would love to help but at this time my plate is full and I just can't. I can support you and give advice or cheer you on but as far as participating I just can't. It has been working for me quite well. Not that I use this except for with my kids because I have no friends and live in seclusion , not the way to live mind you. But when I did live in the world it worked.

Ubiara C.
Oh, to say NO is my big problem. I have been actively learning to say no for years and I am still not there. Sometimes, just sometimes I can do it and have afterwards mixed feelings, sometimes like some guilt, sometimes, I can say, Yes!!! I said No! 🙂

Jasmina I.
There is no short answer to that question. It depends on the request and on that who is asking for something from me. I think about the request and if I can't or don't want to do it, I just say I am sorry but I can' t help you with that. Sometimes I try to suggest another way to solve something, other times I just say plainly no, specially if it's something I deeply disagree with.

Emily B.
Just say it—say thank you for asking but no. I used to have a hard time with this and would feel the need to over explain/justify myself, but that’s a trauma response—when we say no it means no and we don’t need to explain it—if anyine thinks that’s rude they need a therapy sesh❤️ #boundariesaregood

Lyam Q.
Say this, " I don't want to (do something) honestly so I can't say yes.. I'll ahve to say no, I hope you understand"
If it is not something you want then you shouldn't feel shame in saying no. The only thing that keeps us from saying no is is the fear that it will make us a bad person. Get rid of that fear, you are more than "a bad person because of saying no"… Set boundaries for yourself as it helps you in saying no.

Dalia F.
"No." is a full sentence. If the person has any respect for you, saying, "No, I don't want to/I can't/I need to take care of myself" should suffice. If you stop overexplaining yourself, people will stop taking apart your excuses and stop trying to convince you. They will respect you more, because it shows you respect yourself.
Now with that mindset, you will find a polite way to say no with your honest reason. Because if there is an honest reason, why not say it. "No, because I am tired." "No, because I am an introvert and need time by myself." "No, because I have set this time aside for self-improvement."

Suzie Z.
If I were to have to say no to someone, I would be very firm and clear upon answering. At the same time not being rude or disrespectful. Just explain to them the WHY you are giving NO as an answer, and even if its as simple as "you just DONT feel like it"….you don't have to explain any further as long as that is the complete truth. An honest and consice answer while still remaining kind is the best way to say no to someone, especially if its someone you care about.

Nick P.
In my experience, trying to say no in a exaggerated way is worse than being honest in your answer. Being honest is usually the best case in regards to your feelings, and how youll carry yourself in the future, not only with yourself, but others as well. If necessary, make a evidental reason as to why you answered no in a concise manner if demanded for an explanation.

Asta Z.
No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that right now. Or, thank you so much and thank you for thinking of me. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to participate at this time thank you

Chanel A.
No is a complete sentence. If you wish to be nice in saying no simply say you're unable to do what they're asking and you can list your own reasons. The tone in which you say this is also important. If you need to take a moment to reply do so after moment to articulate your intentions.

Andrei N.
A direct no is more polite than no answer or an ambiguous answer. Most people will appreciate it even if it’s not necessarily what they want to hear.

Jake B.
I think the best way to say no is truthfully. If you say the real reason people can empathise and actually understand you’re reasoning. If you’re uncomfortable saying no why are you saying it ? If the no is for selfish reason ive found maybe I shouldn’t say it at all.

Julia R.
The best piece of advice I've heard is that no is a full sentence. If someone is offended by you saying no and setting a boundary is their issue and has nothing to do with you. Although if someone is asking to do something in your favor then just say no thank you. Otherwise if you want to say no to someone just say no because no means no

Cecilia N.
Be firm and clear. If I don’t have the bandwidth to do something (or just don’t want to) I’ve learned to be polite but clear. Setting boundaries is important so that you don’t overextend yourself.

Casey C.
setting new boundaries in old areas and worlds can be tricky but its important in laying foundation for self and for future

Alina F.
Say “yes, but I have a suggestion…” or “oh, I would love to, but I must decline due to this pressing issue…” depending on what you are asked.