How do you stay focused on deep work?

Sofia C.
I set aside a time on specific days to tackle the work. I tell myself I only have to spend that amount of time on the assignment or task. Then I make sure I’m comfortable in the space I choose to work in. Finally I add ambiance by putting on a focus playlist from Spotify and making sure that drinks and snacks are set up/ available while working.
Naja Z.
I keep the Fabulous Moment going with earbuds in. I hear nothing but the soft music, no distractions. It works for me so far. Hope this helps.
Maria A.
I put away distractions and just start on one thing. Pretty soon momentum kicks in and I can go for a while. A pad of paper or note taking/reminder app goes a long way for not letting those stray thoughts derail you.
Nicole W.
You have to trick you mind. While you are on deep Work, make sure you are telling your mind to focus in between. Keep talking to your inner mind and try to take control of your mind.