How do you make time to do personal things during a busy and tiring work day?

Oscar W.
right now I'm trying to plan ahead workday and reserve timeslots in calendar for personal/work as 20/80 relation, then its a matter of discipline to stick to that which is whole another chalenge )
Ruby Z.
If I want to do everything that I want to do in the day I have to get up at 5 AM and take care of my mind and body (reading, prayer, meditation, and exercise) before work starts at 7:30. Then I’m more energized physically and mentally to knock out work AND to get to do more personal things in the afternoon before I go to sleep by 10. Setting the tone for the day is simply crucial for me.
Ethel P.
There are days, when personal life is quite ignored or let's say, don't get time. But then they are just a few. Most of the days, I manage to balance it by deciding the priorities.

It's clear that I work because I have a personal life. If I m not having enough time for my personal priorities, I need to check my working schedule.

It's meaningless to just keep working with no time for family, friends and most importantly, myself. If these are not necessary for life, then even the work, the career, the monetary growth is useless.

Kaylee O.
I usually do it at late night hours or during weekends. Sometimes I manage to make a day plan and if I stick to it, I have just enough time to complete everything. But most of times I'm pretty lazy and waste some of day time.