What do you do when you’re on vacation and you have work-related daily rituals? I don’t want to break my success chain, but I also don’t want to falsely check them off.

Abi Z.
Turn off the alarm for that routine – you don't have to check anything off and your streak will remain intact when you turn the alarm back on
Santiago N.
Re-think the routines for the vacations, you can go back to the previous routine when you get back from vacations.

Take a screenshot of the previous routine to not forget.

Theres J.
One thing I've been doing in that situation is replacing the work related rituals with temporary substitute rituals that fit the situation, then still checking them off. It's only for a short while but better to keep reinforcing the habit than not at all! 🙂
Isabel N.
I try to fit in the work that I have to do on my vacations days. If o have to write a 800 word paper I should fit it in the first day of vacation at a free time so then I have the rest of the day free and I don’t have to think of that piece of work for the rest of my vacation.
Camila C.
O guess you can modify some habits or tasks while this breake. For what I read it’s super important celebrate your achievements and reward you for your good job
Catalina Q.
I believe is better to give your work smth like 2-3 hours daily, concentrate maximum on them and then relax at the highest point.
Navah Y.
I understand what you mean by that and I feel like if you can try to still do them but maybe not at the times you usually do them then that would be best
Pauline C.
I just choose a task that is not work related and „work“ on that instead, like washing the dishes or folding laundry. If you‘re on a trip, that task can be a workout, a hike or whatever you’re doing on vacation.
India E.
I would say just check them off. A holiday is still important to your motivation. Everyone needs a break to recalibrate. As long as you still look after yourself and your own well-being in that time, it’ll all be okay.
Seth G.
Do you have a hobby you could use for deep working? Reading something for fun could be a way of having some quiet, reflective time for example. I still do my to do lists, but they don’t have to be work related!
Ashish F.
I try to be strict about vacation. Spending a good and relaxing time with family is quite necessary in my opinion. Long have I undervalued it's importance. I would recommend to delegate your work or just call it off for atleast 2 times a year for at least 2 weeks each time. If it's like a ritual and doesn't require a lot of time and mental effort maybe you can continue doing it, but being completely away from it will help you make space for things you might find your heart at. Following a performing-regenerating cycle has been the key for many highly successful people.
Anna N.
I think you should check them off because it makes you feel good and accomplished. If you’re on vacation you are completing your work tasks because your work tasks those days is to relax.
Marc O.
I think it depends on how long will be my vacation and how I would like to spend this time (traveling, taking rest in home, or maybe learning something new). I would like to preserve those habits and looking for spend wisely my time according to my "vacation's goal"
Lisa O.
I feel better if I take the vacation, and don’t falsely check things off. The down side Is it’s harder to get back to the routine and the habits. Maybe you could give yourself an extra reward when starting back up again?
Caitlin R.
I have a couple of thoughts: the first is to spend a shorter time doing them— if you normally write for 2 hours, sit and edit or write for 20 or 30 minutes instead. If you want something even shorter, sit for five minutes and write down some ideas you have that relate to the normal daily ritual. Lastly, if you’re really sure you need time away from your work, spend 5 or ten minutes being grateful for the time away and thinking about the things you like best about your work.
Sue V.
I still check them as completed but add a note within the task description that it’s a rest day and no work activities are planned for the day. I do the same thing for exercises when I get sick or planned the day as a rest day. Another option is to remove that specific task from your habit list and re-add it the next day.
Kasey O.
Turn that work into personal work related rituals. You dont have to clean the house everyday but deciding that instead of filling in that work report at 10am at 10am do some free writing, be it journaling or letters to yourself. If you are ritualed to have a meeting at 11.30 before your lunch break at 12 then call someone you miss up at that time and catch up with them or have a family get together just to talk with each other. If youd rather sleep in on your vacations go to bed earlier, you will wake up in those early mornings feeling like you got your sleep in without ruining your ritual. Still get up everyday amd get ready like youre going to go somewhere its a good feeling for the day. Keeping your rituals isnt about doing the same thing at that same set time. Its just doing something with that set time. If you still want that success value try use your work ritual to study more of something, learn something new to help you. Just remember not to push yourself top far let yourself be lazy when the need to be lazy comes.
Anto S.
Leave work at the office. You cannot give your full attention to rest if you are constantly on your phone. Electronics stimulate the wrong areas of the brain if overused. Take a moment to unplug.
Hannah G.
I try to replace them with similar activities, if I’m used to doing 25 mins of reading I’ll count my non-work related reading. It’s okay to have a little break from the daily routine but it’s good to keep the ritual of gratitude.
Gabrielle S.
It’s okay to break the success chain! Be true to yourself and enjoy the vacation that way you’ll have more energy to put into work once the vacation is over
Bianca M.
Consider the fact that you are resting your mind is also an important part of your work. Check them off even if you're at the spa 🙂
Mirette N.
I would assign these rituals to something that I want to do on my vacation and check them off if I did it, this way I don't break my success chain and I make sure that I make the most of my time both at work and on vacation.
Christine G.
At some point during the Fabulous journeys, they addressed the question of what to do when circumstances outside of our control prevent us from completing our ritual. They said to check off your habits for those days, anyway. This thought has helped me a great deal! In your case, it's not that you failed to complete your work habits, it's that you are on vacation. And taking time to rest and renew will help you feel refreshed when you do get back to work. So, recreation (or re-creation) is an essential part of your work. There is nothing false about it! Go ahead and check off those habits every day. And as you do so, remind yourself to disconnect and enjoy your re-creation time as much as possible!
Jenika J.
Visualize doing them, if you cant truly do them at least you didnt break the habit and you can still feel good about checking them off, another option would be to replace them with other tasks that you can do while on vacation:)
Miranda J.
I know that “breaking the chain” may feel like a setback, but if I’m not actually doing those tasks and marking them off anyway I feel like I was lying to myself and possibly training my brain to seek the act of checking it off versus actually changing my habits.