What are your top strategies for “just getting started”?

Jeffrey W.
I had a couple of big tasks that I just couldn’t complete (or even start) for months. So I decided that my “just get started” activity the first day would only be “open the program in the computer”. It was easy, so I did, I didn’t work on it, just opened the program and considered my work completed. The next day (the task was to create a video), I decided to add 10 objects to the timeline. Only 10. And it was easy, so I did… it took me 35 minutes, and as soon as the 10th one was done, I considered it done.
Whatever you have to do, start with the easiest part, even if it means just turning your computer on, or putting the papers on the table… it gets easier to get a task done if you start very small.
Hope this helps 🙂