I would like to know what the other Fabulous users do for their Deep Work for.

Marizete S.
Some work that needs concentration and focus can best be done in early morning hours as brain is in highest productivity state. This can be focusing on your project, your child's exam portions to taught, your notes etc.
Alessandro X.
Sometimes I do my schoolwork. If I do not have any schoolwork, I do something I have been meaning to do for quite some time. For example, go through my closet, or reorganize my drawers. It gives me a chance in the day to do what needs to be done.
Anton U.
I usually do my day job for deep work. I also use my secret project and daily admin tasks. On weekends, sometimes it’s uninterrupted and focused time with loved ones.
Daryl W.
I just do my daily work tasks. But Fabulous' Deep Work session is a tool for me – it's a small, achievable goal (focused work for 25 minutes) that gives you satisfaction when completed. It also boosts your sense of self control
Arian F.
My Deep Work usually involves a task that I may have been avoiding or some task or goal that must be accomplished that day usually related to my job. It may be be something mundane as completing electronic documentation and billing or completing paperwork required for family finances or kids school exams or activities or something a little more challenging such as preparing for a meeting or a talk at work.

I usually have to isolate myself at my desk at work or on my laptop in a room our condo home (sometimes even at work or at home, “my” office isn’t really isolated from others), write down a short one to three item “must accomplish now” task list usually on a sticky post it note (this is in addition to a previous “To Do List” that I have written earlier in the am), put on noise cancelling head phones sometimes with or without any music, and then make sure I concentrate 20 to 30 minutes on my task and then reassess what I accomplished and then plow ahead and usually if I am doing well with my Focused Work, I will accomplish one or two goals within about 2 hours.

Although I try to do Focused Work on a daily basis, in reality I do t always accomplish it everyday and that is reflected in the Fabulous App when I review the past week or month under the “coaching” function.

I have also noticed that o. The weekends, the Fabulous App specifically does not prompt me to perform Focused Work on Saturday or Sunday although on occasion, I do need to accomplish Focused Work the on the weekend. I think the Fabulous App helps me to recognize that if I don’t accomplish Focused Work on a particular day, that I shouldn’t beat myself up about it- but I must try again the next day.

That’s my experience so far with Focused Work.

I have had on occasion some particular days where I have done focused work for 4 hours (usually with a few 5 to 10 minute breaks). I haven’t had to do 6 or 8 hour Focused Work (other than my usual work day- but that still has breaks for food, snacks, idle chit chat, emails, paying bills, etc) in a while like when I had to back in school. Again, sometimes the mundane task even like catching up on emails and bills on occasion requires Focused Work, but I try to reserve Focused Work “life goal” oriented tasks related to my family or my career.

Deanna S.
Rituals is the main key to handle. The way i do it is I start with inspiration ritual and then i perform block the distraction session. Once done, I start my 25 mints deep session.
Soan E.
I’m using it I finish grad school and apply to jobs. But I think any type of focus on meeting a goal (like reading a book) is good for you!
Marie Therese S.
Deep work is anything that you need to concentrate on in order to complete it. This can be reading, cleaning, creating, learning, or practicing.
Durbalino Q.
I sit and analyze my husband's and children's thoughts and feelings to make sure there is no conflict or turmoil anywhere in any of their lives they're not telling anyone but might need help with… I like to focus all my energy on being the best wife and mommy I can be… these are the things I strive for because of the happiness it brings to my own heart knowing I do a good job! Yaaaassss!!
Djalme P.
I use mine to time my study sessions. Having a distraction list nearby and blocking all other distractions is nice. It leaves my mind to focus on the set task for 25 min with no interruptions.
Marie Z.
I consider Deep Work any work that is my to-dos, reorganizing calendar, improving myself through learning/reading, or research in something interesting for me.
Justin T.
Writing is often scary. So putting the initial focus on completing the deep Work challenge instead of the fears of writing allows me to start and then it’s easy
M Lina Y.
I use it to make myself do something I don’t want to do. Right now I’m using it to catch up on paperwork. I set a timer for 25 minutes and focus completely. Usually I keep going after the timer goes off.
Martha Y.
I use it to get any personal paperwork and the like completed before I leave for work. If I don't have something to work on, I use it to write in a journal or read a book. I spend the entire 25 minutes doing that. A good tip I have is to decide the night before what your deep work task will be.
Apol Nio Q.
I receive tons of emails; some business, some from friends and relatives, and some is junk mail.

I set aside specific times during the day to quickly scan through my mail, discarding junk mail and flagging business-related mail.

Then, during the deep work sessions, I tackle as many of the flagged mail items as I can paying bills, making phone calls, etc.