How to convince the others to not disturb when doing a deep work session? Also what is the duration for the session?

Silke Z.
I normally put on headphones and listen to the rain while working. The headphones deter people from approaching me. My session is normally 25min
Michelle T.
Be mindful at the present for about ten minutes the do my meditation and prayer and be grateful about the feelings after
Silke Z.
Just ask them nicely, start with a bit hesitant but answer :come and ask after remaining time, also change the environment
52' work 17' rest
Sofie W.
Put on the do not disturb mode on your phone, put a note on your door, or on the front of your laptop, etc. Please do not disturb, something like that. The duration depends on what you need and want to get done and how much time you think you’ll need. However, be sure to pause every once in a while to give yourself a break and get some tea or something.
Johan E.
I put on my headphones to discourage folks from talking to me. It doesn’t always works but it helps. I do my deep work in 25 minute increments.
Gustav X.
Discipline, limits, and boundaries are things that you must put in practice if you really are willing to go the extra mile. It doesn’t depend on anyone or anything if you get distracted, it is your own choice if you do. Be clear, and concise to your loved ones, friends, colleges or whoever when you want to go into grind mode.

And techniques, whichever works for you the most… pomodor technique is pretty straightforward and very very useful! Or paretos, or any other time management, productivity techniques can be found in the internet easily, practice a few and see which suits your style best:

It all depends in your level of commitment, self discipline and self motivation. Cero excuses, focus and grind baby grind!!!