How do you stay on track/ be efficient?

Edwin J.
For me, I use a planner app and calendar to stay efficient or on track with my daily and weekly tasks. I prioritize the things that I need to do and those are the things that are first. Things that I’m. It able to accomplish on my list will be my priority the following day. I try to stick to the schedule I have as much as possible. It’s important for me to maintain discipline and I know life happens that sometimes you have to rework your schedule, but that’s to be expected. You shouldn’t have those moments everyday, but when they do happen, don’t panic that you weren’t able to get something done, make that the first, second and third thing you do the next day depending on how many things were left unfinished. Discipline is key to being successful in all things. You have to train your mind to be successful and when you apply that mindset to what you’re doing, more than likely, you’ll be successful.

Emily O.
Setclear goals, compartmentalize time to 25 minute slots, meditate/breathe just before start and visualize delivery and flow…repeat

Alfred P.
I let myself skip certain items if I need to so that I can still check in and do the others instead of just skipping it all.