What techniques do you use to reinforce your deep work habit? Some days I try to use the pomodoro technique, but my productive periods tend to be close to an hour and a half rather than the recommended 25 or 50 minutes.

Virg Nia Z.
I got a productivity planner by intelligent change. That uses the same methodology as Fabulous. For instance, it uses the pomodoro method to keep track of work, suggests you start with the thing that is making you most anxious and only move on after completing that task, and has some bonus functions of analyzing how long you thought tasks would take vs reality and each week recommit to your goals and look at what works and what doesn’t. I would say it is equally as important to Fabulous in my progress and productivity while reinforcing a lot of what I’m already doing in a cleaner layout than a normal planner or notebook

Reginald W.
I make sure that I dont stress myself out and treat the work like a chore. Working longer is not bad because your ambition and willpower are strong 🙂

Irma J.
I also try to use the pomodoro technique especially for tasks I find tedious. I was motivated because I knew after 25 minutes I could do something else. Lately don't time myself but I do use techniques I learned to keep myself from distraction. So I use everything I used from the pomodoro technique except the actual timing. Because it doesn't work out when you have a toddler. When I start studying apart from my toddler I will definitely revisit it. Even if I plan on being productive for 1,5 hr it will mean I have planned 3 pomodoro's with 3 breaks of 5 mins for one activity. After that I will move on to the next and plan more pomodoro's for that activity the next day.
Also I just accept that some tasks are not well suited for the pomodoro technique. For those tasks I need a different motivator. i.e. I Love listening to podcasts during tedious chores. I like it so much that I now can almost look forward to tedious chores. Since I have a bluetooth headset it has become very easy to combine the two.

Elizabeth T.
I find that when Im working on something I really enjoy or am passionate about i dont need to use any technique to stay productive I just put my phone out of my reach and once I start working I keep going until I feel like I need a break

Horst Peter S.
An 1 hout and 30mins is really good I eork gor about and 1hoir everyday and Its fine if u do too!☺Ps. Did you know you can change the time on the habiy by just clicking the three dots and then clicking edit.😄😊