How do you remain productive when you suffer from anxiety and depression?

Dean E.
To begin with you need to work on your depression by meditation and begin to focus on the positive look st what good things you have going on in your life and be greatful start with things like greatful for the day whether it is raining or sunny as positives can be found in both. You need also to love yourself. Treat yourself as if it were someone you love treating you treat yourself, or buy yourself a gift ever so often. For your anxiety you should practice mindfulness, breathing or taking short walks. My advice is incomplete because there are lots of things you can do to help eg getting into routines so you are not anxious as you know what you are doing. Alternatively you can invest in a programme like fabulous which is amazing and full of suggestions and activities you can adopt to help. All the best and I hope this has helped.

Amanda P.
There are two things I do to help with this.

The first thing I do is take a shit load of antidepressants.

The second thing i do is a lot more accessible.

Think about this.
There are Navy Seals who have to diffuse bombs while they're underwater.

While doing this there are only two things they think about. How much oxygen is in their tank, and wether or not the bomb has gone off.

They focus on those two aspects because everything else is outside of their control.

Just focus on what you can control. Use meditation to ignore everything else.

Louis Z.
Hi !
I will leave some tips that'll help you solve your problem . But , first you have to do one thing ! That is "start loving yourself!" I am telling you this because it helped me to overcome my anxiety.
1. Start simply
Before you get to do your work, you have to concentrate on your daily tasks of living. In the morning, when you got up, think that " I feel better today!" . Then have a shower and get dressed. Eat a healthy meal and then get to your work. And also, don't forget to make a SIMPLE to-do list which includes your daily tasks.
2.Disconnect from social media
It's better to turn off your mobile phone and disconnect from social media. It improves your concentration on work while helping you to connect with yourself.
3.Give yourself a treat.
When you've finished one of your to-do list, celebrate it with treating yourself.(spend few seconds to do this because you must not waste your time!) Ex: say to yourself"wow! You're great!)
4. Have a break
After spending 25 mins on work, get a 10 mins break. During this break, get into the nature , wak in your garden, play with your pet , listen to your favorite music ( this should be motivational ; should not hurt your feelings!!!!) etc.

Believe that you can do anything!
Have a nice day!
Good luck !

Jens Uwe A.
I will think about my long term goal. Also Meditate for 5 minutes. I will break the nightmare into tiny kid sized bites (the exaggeration is on purpose)

Ismail U.
-Find some simple ways to boost and manage your energy that suits you and use them. Simpler the better. Like drinking water, noticing your breaths, opening your arms and breathing. – Celebrate every small victory and each single step. Don't be hard on yourself. Try to do better than yesterday. – Starting the day with a motivational video or music also works for me. It helps a lot. – reading the book "beat the blues before they beat you". I choose the chapter based on my mood or the problem which I stuck in.

Perp Tua C.
Remember to get plenty of rest,take small steps into your productivity and celebrate all small victories and be kind to yourself. Depression and anxiety is hard!

Rosita Z.
Make yourself a list. Make a list and tell yourself if you get through at least 3 of those things then today is a good productive day. Include saying a prayer or meditating on the list. Then go through your day with your list in hand.

August W.
The urge to push myself harder, counter-intuitively makes me feel pressured and less productive. I tell myself to accept my emotions as they are- the anxiety and depression, without trying to deny them or eradicate them. I tell myself that even with my emotions, so long if I am progressing towards the right direction, I am being successful and productive. I tell myself that with anxiety and depression, it is okay to slow down at times, but never stop, no matter how tired, I will keep going even if it's one step at a time. I do not have to be sprinting all the time. It is okay to variate my speed according to my energy levels.

Caleb C.
Take a break, go for a walk in nature. Breathe, observe, be still. Then go back and start one small task.

Eleanor P.
I practice breathing. Close my eyes and have a few deep breaths and just focus on the each and every breath, in and out, slowly, and repeat. When you focus only on breathing, you clear your mind and the anxiety or depression will be gone or weaker.

Adeodato Y.
Well for me it’s hard because I kind of go through depression, and anxiety! And I have to force myself to be active and to just focus because I don’t usually tell anyone my problems

Lilou Y.
I don't, always.

I use the power of habit to drive me when I don't want to move. Having solid habits & rituals in place for doing the maintenance tasks that will make my day run smoothly is like gliding along on rails instead of trekking through tough ground on foot.

I use audiobooks to keep the brain weasels at bay while working on tasks that don't require language, such as drawing or color organization.

When I am feeling strong, I write impassioned notes to myself about why certain things are important (also, evidence that the brain weasels are lying), and when I need motivation I read my own notes. I'm considering doing this with a blog the next time I'm feeling enthusiastic, as others tell me my enthusiasm is infectious.

Agenor E.
Maybe it is not ideal, but I maybe avoid inner feelings by getting things done. I think it is partly positive. I learned through the study of and coaching about ADHD to be productive. When I am anxious and depressed t is harder to be clear but it is a comfort to be productive.

Sergio N.
I often have to take a lot of breaks and tell myself that if I can do just a little bit now, I'll have more time to relax later. Sometimes it becomes too much and I can't focus on the work I need to do, but I remind myself that even little things are still productive even though it's not the main goal. For example, sometimes I feel I've wasted a day of homework if I barely touched it, but then I realize that I was at least able to cook and clean as both productive and relaxing tasks.

Solange E.
Personally, I am very spiritual. I feel being spiritual is great for the soul and spirit. When you can accept that there is a higher spiritual power looking out for you then you can allow that spirit to help guide you when you feel depressed or anxious. I used my Journal of Miracles in order to know that I do have a higher power at work for me so I do as much as I can and only worry about each day.

Nolan C.
I believe anxiety is a mix of anger and fear. Depression can be the result of being stuck there. If you can list all the things that cause your anxiety, make a if this happens then I will do this list, then set a timer and say, I don't have to think about those things now, I can do this.

Mirko S.
Havent Quite figured it out yet either.
What helps me is Meditation and especially Visualization (Thoughts as Clouds drifting past a Mountain (the Mind)).

I try to be in the present instead of the past or future, where the anxiety often finds its source.