What strategies do you use to keep yourself from getting distracted during your work sessions?

Arianna U.
I eliminate distractions, so the only thing left to do is work. My phone still can be an issue and I need to create a method to make sure it doesn't pull my attention too often. The 25 minute deep work method is a good way of limiting it's distractiveness.

Margret X.
I’m in a perfectly ideal environment for working without being distracted because I’m the single most person in our home during The daytime up til around 5:30 pm from around 10 am. And it’s mostly quite around here unless I’m playing my CD’s or DVD’s for which I mostly have specific times to play them.
So it would be well to eliminate all distractions if possible, at least as many as you can and focus on whatever you’re working on .

Hopefully it’s something you really can put your heart into. Say, “I want to do such and such today on this project,” and aim to do it that day.

Same E.
Well constant reminders on my phone to stay focused. Such as using a timer or even making a bunch of reminders and making sure they are loud enough to make me remember and STAY O TASK. Hope that helps….👍🏼🤷🏽‍♀️❤️🙂

Leroy G.
I hav mantras I repeat to myself when I feel unproductive. My main one is that if I don't complete the tasks I have set then I'm going to regret it futuristically. As it's going to set me back from being the best I can (SUCCESSFUL.)

S L Ne O.
Set ur phone on airplane mode, and there’s an add-on to google called Focus which basically stops you from going on websites like YouTube or a game while studying or working.

Judith J.
Mentre studio riesco a concentrami molto ultimamente. La mattina facendo yoga e meditazione riesco a tranquillizzarmi. Fare sport la mattina presto mi fa sentire di avere tempo per dedicarmi a tutto e quindi riesco a gestirmi in maniera più produttiva le ore di studio. Inoltre mi stabilisco una pausa di circa un oretta, dove oesco per fare qualcosa, o faccio merenda, e stacco la mente. Mi stabilisco un orario in cui riprenere e appena scatta quello'ora smetto di fare tutto e studio.