When I’m in a bad mood because of something that happened, how do I make myself feel better so I can focus on deep work?

Gregory U.
Write down your thoughts of anger, take 10 deep breaths and then see if you are more calm to start. If not, repeat the 10 deep breaths but try doing it with your eyes closed. If you meditate, meditate for 5 or 10 min and then you can start your deep work sessions

Jordan Y.
Take some time out to reset. Meditate, visualise your end result and how you will feel once it’s completed or listen to your favourite music.

Music is a great healer.

Emilie N.
I would say that, if you could, take a break from the work you are doing/want to get done and maybe write it out. Write how you feel or what happened. Write a list of things to do to fix the situation, or handle it, or move on from it.

Cursino Z.
this is very difficult. The last time that happened to me, I actually put on gym clothes, went to the gym, and was able to think about nothing there, to put it away. But the gym is not always an option, and it doesn't always work. It may be good to simply write about it, write it away from you, and set an alarm on it. Then start on your work.

Lucille Z.
I remind myself of all that I have to be thankful for (to change my thought process…I have control over how I respond to circumstances, if not to what specific circumstances occur in my life.) Having that mindful ownership on my mind and thoughts id really helpful for me.

Mike F.
I would take time to write down your thoughts to process what happened that’s making you upset. This will allow you to have a place to express your thoughts and in a way empty your mind. This way you will have a clear mind to focus on your deep work, and then go back to writing if you find that there are thoughts still bothering you.

William C.
Try to block out whatever it is making me feel bad. That might mean I have to put my phone on Do not disturb mode or block *certain* numbers temporarily. Meditate for a few minutes or do some yoga, then make a cup of tea and a nice snack to get into the working frame of mind.

Malo N.
For me making myself feel better is first priority because then i can fully focus on what i have to do. For me, breathing meditation and stretching and smiling in front of a mirror helps. If my mind is too busy thinking about past event that upset me, I write it down in the journal and vent. Sometimes talking to someone who can just listen really helps if such person is available.

Mafalda P.
Focus on gratitude for the blessings you do have. If you have bad thoughts, write them down but write your own narrative with a positive light.

Kylie U.
There are some great meditation techniques here in Fabulous to help. And focus on the task at hand and you will forget about the other situation.

Holly J.
Just know the fact that you are committed to have deep work study. Than no matter what happens you will fullfill the task. By the way at the end of task you would feel happy of your accomplishments so celebrate it 🙂