How do you get yourself to start any kind of “deep work”?

Clara P.
I start with a "to-do" list. Having everything I hope to complete written down and sometimes placed in order helps me have a clear path for what I need to be doing with my deep work time. That way, when I start my timer with Fabulous and put my phone on Do Not Disturb, I can focus on what's on the list and not be bogged down by external distractions or wondering about doing other things.
Desireen F.
Okay, this is how I get myself to deep work. First, I plan my schedule and what I will be doing before I start deep work. I will also play no-lyric tunes and gray my screen. Graying my screen will make my phone more boring and dull so the tendency of me checking my phone and getting distracted is lower.
I hope this helps!