How do I keep myself up to date?

El Onore Y.
My to do list is something that I’ve put a lot of energy into for the past months. I was able to get an idea of my priorities and dates with the use of the deep work and to do habits. Keep it up every day if you can. Stuff will shave off little by little if it’s backed up.

Roberta J.
Depending on what you want to keep up to date. Assuming that you are talking about this application in particular, I would say that the important thing to focus is to apply what you really want as a habit every day regardless of the app. The app is a good starting push for me, I will eventually apply the habits without even thinking about it. The good about the app is that gives you instant gratification which you don’t find often when applying new habits. Don’t worry about losing a day or two, try doing the habits the best you can even when you cannot use the app. Don’t feel bad about it, if it’s a habit that you really want to keep, being persistent and applying it every time you can it’s what will make it stick to you for the rest of your life if you want. The beginning is the hardest part, and keeping it is an every day decision that will became easier to do the more you do it. However if you are talking about something else, there are also more answers on internet. In general, if you really want something you will get it. Find something that matters to you and use it as a motivator.