Is there anything you have found that keeps you focused? How do you keep that going when you get distracted?

Pau N.
I’m a very easily distracted person, but with The fabulous deep work sessions I’ve become more productive and less distracted
D N.
I have been finding that a kind of anxiety reflex — whether responding to present pressures or indirect pressures or self pressuring a— is the most adversarial obstruction to my being able to do what I apparently THINK I NEED or WANT. This anxiety is like being chased by barking dogs. I feel that what I am trying to focus on is Dangerous, when the dogs are barking behind me.
If I can in one way or another subside the Dogs,
and access a sort of Nurturing caring,
That makes things best.
That’s when eternity or at least a steady dutifulness can move to the Lead.