How do I move forward despite not having completed goals from earlier in the day? I feel like I get bogged down in “morning” things.

Valerie F.
Once I’ve moved from my morning routine on to work, I enter a new mental space and I don’t dwell on anything I may have missed in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m trying my best.
Cris Z.
How long is your mornin list? Can you do a shortened version of some of these rituals? Done is better than perfect, which is why it is better to do the thing in the morning right away than to think about not having done it the rest of the day. I fall down on thi one with the exercise habit, so even the one minute of movement is better than nothing. The habit is the key, not the activity, in m experience. Otherwise, doubt creeps in aroun the whole process.
Angela Y.
Whenever I can't or just don't complete my morning habits I try to not see it as an issue or something bad, I see it as an opportunith of something I need to improve and that I can try to do better next day 🙂
Find motivation that every time yo can point out something you're doing wrong you can improve 🙂
Storm C.
Look at each new time as a fresh start, a new chance. I actually broke up my morning routine into two, one before I leave the house, and one once I get to work. If I didn’t complete everything before leaving the house once I do leave I can leave them behind and start fresh.
I’ve also added some things I do everyday anyway (I bike to work so I added excersise to my “at work” list). Just by doing those things I would do anyway I have checked something off and accomplished something, which makes it easier to accomplish an extra thing. For example I was never that good at taking my viatamins, but now that it’s often the last thing unchecked, I’ve found myself walking back into my apartment just to get it done.
Oscar N.
I use fabulous as a tool for “checking in” not necessarily as a list of things to do. If I missed the morning maybe it’s because I just needed to relax and take time to myself that morning, then I can come back that evening or the next day to continue being productive. Remember, fabulous is here to help motivate and cheer, not as an added stressor.
Lucile I.
I accept that feeling guilty or worrying about how I made mistakes in the past does not help me move forward. I can introspect what initially caused me to be distracted to help me make changes in the future, but if I don't know that's okay I can still move on with my day. I have now.
Amaury P.
Indeed I sometimes feel this way, and this causes me to struggle to honestly answer this question. Often times I erroneously think: ‘ah, I didn’t do activity #1, what does it even matter to start doing activity #10 now? I’ve already procrastinated, I might as well go all the way.’ This of course is some kind of consistency bias that my brain feels comfortable telling me, because its prefered state is being lazy, not expanding much energy. Rationally however, I do appreciate the formation of good habits, and appreciate the people that manage to acquire them and execute them consistently. It only is now that I put my thoughts onto paper that I notice that I’m motivating myself to active again, whereas if I kept to myself I would have procrastinated once more. Haha thank you!
Angelica G.
Routine are difficult to get in to so tick it off even if you haven’t quite done it and say to yourself you will do it when you’re ready. Which does not mean your just ticking it off and forgetting about it. It means your acknowledging it and getting your self ready to do it.
Ioque N.
It‘s not the end of the world if you don‘t do a morning item. Look ahead, move on, and start a new streak! That‘s what I do if I‘m on a trip and cannot check my weight because there is no scale in the hotel room.
Mijo B.
I try not to be too hard on myself and just leave the morning for what it is that day. The next set of routines is like a restart, for me to make up for what maybe I couldn’t achieve in the morning: completing a full routine! I try to see it as a fresh start rather than atttempting to be perfect every day in the morning.
Valeska W.
I am also bogged down by morning things. But I continue to think of the actions as quick small things to do. And I keep a curious and positive attitude.