How often do you take breaks when working?

Mia A.
Almost never. I work in short bursts, usually because of bursts of inspiration. I work with either 100% focus or barely any at all if I don’t feel motivated.
Emma P.
I never takes break when I work but I need to start taking a break so I can get the work done clear mine and get the work done right instead of making mistakes and have to go back and fixing it and then getting irritated that it’s not going to rain
Sofia N.
Well since I go in school 🏫 I work for 1 hour and then take like a lunch 🥙 break and then go outside. After I just go back to class and finish my papers 📝 after that I fill in. Then another outside break.
Holl N.
it sorta depends on how long im gonna be working for. if it’s a longer project, like a few hours, then every 30-40 min or so. I’ll take that as a short break and then a longer break every hour. if it’s a a smaller project under 1 hour, I usually just have a 20 minute timer on and when that goes off, I go grab some fruit or draw something for 10 minutes, then come back to the work. sometimes, if it’s waaaaay shorter than that, you can just do it in one go! hope this helps, have a nice day x
Victoria C.
I am sure that many have heard the terms, devourers and nibblers. Devourers tend to do work in one whole period of time, while nibblers take small breaks. I tend to lose focus so I need to take a relaxing five minutes to reflect on myself.
Xarina N.
I have the problem that my breaks are too long and not enough. I’m trying to have many short breaks. Maybe 5-10 minutes every hour or so
Rehab T.
After every 50 min of deep focus and deep work I take 10 min break for drinking, stretchinh, praying that give me more power
Stephanie C.
When in "Hyper Focus" mode, I find that 60 minutes is when I need a break. When doing less intensive work at the computer, i have a timer to move every 2 hours. When working outdoors… i don't need to stop as often, usually only when thirsty or hungry.
Lauren Z.
It depends on the work, and how much control I have over breaks. At the hospital, I feel like I rarely have time to take breaks. At home, I’d say about every 45 minutes to two hours. It kind of varies within that, again, depending on the work.
Carlo N.
Pretty often. Whenever I am stuck on something or when I don’t want to do anything, I usually just scroll through my phone for a bit or lie on my bed until I need to go back to the task
Raghul E.
I usually take break from 5 to 30 minutes in the form of talking to friend calling someone or drinking water or walking. When I work for heavy long work then I take break to watch a tv series episode or watch sothing fun. Sunday I like to take full day as break I don't want to do anything on that day
Aesha Y.
It depends on how much time I work
If I work continuously for 1 hour I take a 20 minute break it gives me enough time to look out for other things to do or new assignments etc
It should always be 30 to 35%of your working time
Lin W.
Depending on what kind of work I am doing I'm ADHD aswell so I've always got plenty of energy yeh but when I have a job as I'm a horticulturalist trade n would usually take at least 3-4 breaks for 15-30mins so that's my.suggestion
Theda F.
I recently understood that if I have to take a lot of breaks to keep working on a project, then I am not passionate about it. I am the type of person who loves working on a project that involves passion. That's why I have started to take just one or zero breaks during a 30-min workblock.
Thanos C.
I try to take a break every 45 min to note down my progress and grab something to eat or stretch. They usually last for 15 minutes
Asia N.
I work as a teacher so I have little breaks between classes. But I think it is not the case of office work, so it is difficult to say 😉