When the alarm goes off to finish the session, I immediately become distracted again. I start diving into all new stimuli I missed out on while in deep work (like new emails, etc.). How do I keep my focus when I don’t have an app timing me?

Robert W.
I’d like to know it myself 🤔 But what i did for less interruptions, i’ve limited the amount of habits and adjusted the order of the routine so, that could follow more naturally. Taking a walk before starting or do some fokus exercises, then the alarm appears to be not so interfering. Good luck!

Nembrode S.
Someone told me that you need to do something 17 times or more for it to become part of your routine. So for I would suggest more mindfulness, be aware that you may be distracted and take note of what time of the day you are more distracted and set an alarm or reminder on your Phone is appropriate. I found it difficult to say no to people and put myself first so I created calendar appointments for “Me Time” that way when I said sorry I have an appointment at that time it was truth. Hope that helps.

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xx Nixta

Lina S.
Be patient. It takes time to train focus outside the timer. You’ll automatically start doing it over longer periods of time. Plus, these breaks full of distractions help you focus when its time to focus again. Focusing constantly will lead to exhaustion and longer bouts of distraction.

Anna Z.
Time yourself! Give your self a break to be distracted between sessions. Then get your own timer ( I use a sand timer half hour glass and work in 30 minute segments). Deep work can only last so long then you need a distraction! Don’t be too hard on yourself, just focus on the work you do when you’re in deep work mode.

Suzimara A.
I do the exact same thing! I started using an app called forest. Then I can set the timer to what I believe it should take me. If I go to use my phone before my time is up then my tree dies!

Violet J.
The best way I know how to keep focus is awareness aware that your mind has wandered and bring it back to the breath. Breath is easy one to bring it back to and then each time your aware the mind has wandered bring it back to the breath again then with practise that awareness becomes stronger and your more able to do it after you've practiced and practised. This is a mindfulness technique.
And it's normal for the mind to wander that's what it does for everyone so it's practice awareness bringing it back to the breath over and over again

Karla B.
Prioritise and focus. Have one single objective and focus on only one task. Tell your self how much of a priority it is and then just continue it till you finish.

Or you can probably launch the deep work again.

Or you should not click on the tick till. You finish your deep work.

Hope this helps xx