How should I spend my break time during work?

M Lody Y.
Relax and either put your feet in a foot bath or even taking a warm bath 🛁 with Epsom salt or taking a warm shower 🚿 and put your feet up and take a nap 😴.
Candela N.
Take a walk, don't smoke, drink water, combine it maybe with buying some healthier food options in a grocery store rather than probably unhealthy/too big canteen options. I feel to big lunch will get you tired and not 100% focus in the afternoon
Vivan Y.
I like to use downtime during the workday to take a walk outside. It’s really relaxing and grouding. Plus it helps you get your steps in!
Kira X.
Spend some time meditating to give yourself a mental break to get your thoughts away from work. Visualize your success for 10 minutes then come back stronger than ever.
Ethan F.
Doing whichever suits you best I guess. If you are a « people person » enjoy sharing your break with colleagues and friends. If you are more of an introvert, use the time to read, meditate, do sport and all those fun things you don’t get time to do otherwise. It is your life so make of it what you would like, not « what the right thing is », because the « right thing » is doing what you enjoy and need. Good luck on your journey.
Rafael G.
I try to spend my break time during work, doing a small type of meditation. So that i can recharge. It could be just observing something, not really thinking about anything or processing the sounds around me. Just trying to live in present moment.