How do you find the motivation to do it every day? I manage fine during the week, but on the weekends I struggle.

Jon E.
Well this is a good question, typically I struggle this as well. It comes with making plans to do in the weekend. Something like planning to take care of your plants or even washing laundry, anything that could help you keep busy it’s so easy to fall into some lazy slumber but I think you can do it !

Oscar E.
I'm thinking about what will I become in the future, not only thinking about wieght loss to look good but rather to be more healthy inside and out.

Stavros F.
I take a break during the weekends. However I'm now in the habit of doing many of the tasks daily. I don't check things off on the weekend but a lot of the tasks are now second nature.

Line A.
I change the focus of my deep work. I just make it uninterrupted focus on my family, errands, or any other task at hand.

Andrea Z.
I am consciously working on myself daily. I’m also working remotely / freelance and i don’t really have weekends per say. I know to have super productive days and super bad days Too. I accept them all as I’m upgrading daily anyways , not that big of a deal of wasting a day