How can I focus on these days when I have absolutely no motivation to do anything and I feel tired?

Wolf B.
I’d suggest making a small goal for each day! It could be something like buying flowers or anything that makes you happy. Or something small like ”I’ll put on my favorite outfit (even if you’re just staying in) on” or ”I’ll drink a glass of water after I wake up” or listening to your favorite song when you feel unmotivated. When you achieve the goal you probably feel good about yourself and for me it helps me to be more confident and motivated. For tiredness I’d try good food and coffee (or tea if you prefer). And a little motivation dance just by yourself.

Fateme Z.
Sometimes we don't have energy for anything and it's ok …
At first you should have a goal and a plan, and steps for that plan.
In good days the goal will motivate you, and in bad days you can consider a gift or an award for doing your step and just force yourself to do that , then you can enjoy your habits, movie, social network and … this award or deprivation works for me👌

Randall O.
Give yourself time to slow down. We don't have to be extremely motivated or energetic everyday. Embrace your feeling and mood at the time being and take some slow steps, maybe like eating your favourite fruit and doing some stretching or maybe listening to your fav song .. Then completing a simple, small tasks and congratulating yourself for that. Then taking some more rest and another simple achievement. Doing small things will make you feel better than doing nothing at all ^^

Alexis C.
Um if you don't have any energy its best if u feel tired u should take a nap or fo something to make u have energy to do it tbh I feel like this 24/7 but usually I get up eat and walk around it gives me energy and I also have low iron so I cant do too many things at a time but get your rest eat something and you will feel energized 😌

Sofia G.
Stop your mind by doing meditation.. then just do and don't wait for motivation!… if you are really tired make a break time to recover

Hugh Z.
It’s ok to have a mental break sometimes. I usually need a break to recollect my thoughts. But when taking that break maybe just make a list of what made you feel this way and try to fight past those emotions that don’t want you to be motivated. If your really tired maybe take on nap per week on a less busy day. Whatever is best.

Navrati N.
I think to not give up and try and try .. take a break and try again. Or start a different perhaps easier subject and not push it even after all these efforts it doesn’t happen. Take a break and then come again