How can I focus on these days when I have absolutely no motivation to do anything and I feel tired?

Deborah F.
Be present in the now. Focus now, motivate yourself one second at a time. Train your brain to be in charge, not your body.
Miraya N.
On those days, I usually take a shower or nap, drink a cup of coffee, read a book, or just segment a little bit of time to myself.
Seth W.
I just went thru this. And in my search, I found an excellent article on this which helps explain the relationship of time, energy and attention (focus) – as I was always struggling with one or a few of these factors. Turns out there are 3 pillars to productivity, which are namely time, energy and attention. If we
Florence N.
It’s better to take baby steps in this case than trying to tackle a big task which will be daunting and discouraging. Start small and then Take one step, then another one. Before you know it you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment which should help you feel less tired and more motivated
Wolf B.
I’d suggest making a small goal for each day! It could be something like buying flowers or anything that makes you happy. Or something small like ”I’ll put on my favorite outfit (even if you’re just staying in) on” or ”I’ll drink a glass of water after I wake up” or listening to your favorite song when you feel unmotivated. When you achieve the goal you probably feel good about yourself and for me it helps me to be more confident and motivated. For tiredness I’d try good food and coffee (or tea if you prefer). And a little motivation dance just by yourself.
Tushar I.
How can I work for longer hours like 8-9 daily without getting burned out or tired ?I have some really serious stuff to do asap 🙂
Fateme Z.
Sometimes we don't have energy for anything and it's ok …
At first you should have a goal and a plan, and steps for that plan.
In good days the goal will motivate you, and in bad days you can consider a gift or an award for doing your step and just force yourself to do that , then you can enjoy your habits, movie, social network and … this award or deprivation works for me👌
Aliyah V.
Hey, cheer up, this thing might not work but take time to read this even in a few minutes only! If you're finding yourself not having enough motivation for an entire day you should try different things, try to discover arts or photography, for me this two things really help because while I'm doing this, it helps me to fully understand about my surroundings, you should go out and breathe some air, staying inside your house/room is not good! Forget your phone, computer or any gadgets you have and try exploring outside, I'm not saying you should abandon your gadgets and forget them forever, I'm saying you should take a break by looking outside and appreciating how beautiful the outside is, while doing this you might discover new things that you are good at don't focus on social media only, try to focus on yourself, and you shouldn't doing this to impressed other people but to change yourself and begin a new life, so stop what you're doing right now and drink water, then step outside and breathe some air. I really hope this will motivate you because we have the same problem and even I am saying this things to you, I cannot afford to do any of this because of personal problems, enjoy your life while it's early, you wouldn't know what will happen tomorrow, stop wasting time and try different things not only laying on your bed all day and facing your gadgets, you need to change. Hope you always have a good day, we love you(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Deb F.
decide that you’ll accomplish one simple thing. set a timer and do it. after one thing see if you can do a second, then a third. short tasks like drink water, stretch, go for a walk lead to other things.
Lana I.
Imagine your future self looking back at you and thanking you for all of the hard work and all of the sacrifices you’ve made for yourself
Kadir Q.
You need to have aspiration and the desire to do things you need to have a passion if you love what you doing you’ll find peace and you’ll focus on it.
L Ia W.
If you have the luxury, allow yourself a day off in which you will rest, clear your mind. I suggest seeing people in that time that have a positive impact on you. That will maybe reduce tour stress and motivate you
Giacomo G.
It is normal to feel like this, especially in the situation we are living right now. First of all, I try to get rid of my phone and computer so I do not have distractions, and I do whatever thing I am supposed to do for like 25/30 min and then I take a break. I feel accomplished when doing a task even for a short time and that sense of accomplishment helps me to carry with other things. It is also ok to rest when we feel tired, but we have to ask ourselves why we feel tired.
Susannah U.
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Emory F.
When there's something big that I don't want to do, I will ask myself, "what is the smallest first step I need to take?" For example, for getting out of bed the smallest first step would be sitting up. Normally I find that the next couple steps follow naturally. Another question I ask myself is, "what do I need to do to make myself more comfortable?" This allows me to be relaxed and ready before I begin any serious work. For work that is stressing me out, the answer often is, "just do the work!"
Cristina T.
Really, I don't know, but, I tell you what I do: I start with a brake ! Yes. When YOU feel tired it means YOU ARE. When you don't have motivation is because you ARE tired! So, the best you should do on days you feel without motivation and when you feel tired, is to rest and looking for things to raise your vibration. I myself have this kind of days. From my experience, I can tell you that even if I pull myself to do what I planned on my "to do" list, those things are going to be kind of wrong… Why? Because when you don't have motivation, and you are not in the mood for it, it cannnot make a grate think of it! So, tale it easy. Take it slowly. Step-by-step! You will do it! Just relax and enjoy your time with yourself! 😊
Randall O.
Give yourself time to slow down. We don't have to be extremely motivated or energetic everyday. Embrace your feeling and mood at the time being and take some slow steps, maybe like eating your favourite fruit and doing some stretching or maybe listening to your fav song .. Then completing a simple, small tasks and congratulating yourself for that. Then taking some more rest and another simple achievement. Doing small things will make you feel better than doing nothing at all ^^
Ine N.
For me, I like to write down my thoughts/things id like to get done/dreams/plans/things im grateful for. All these things combined make me feel like im in control, and life is not overwhelming. I dont put deadlines, but its more like guidelines, reminding me of the things that matter to me. I also try not to be so hard on myself. Its okay to have days/weeks/years where you dont accomplish everything. Thats impossible. Thinking about these things are motivating for me, at least. Just lowering the bar, and take small steps. Try to do things that brings you joy! No matter how small. Meditation also helps alot to focus your mind:) i just meditate 5 min each day (i tend to forget in the weekends). Dunno if this may be a bit chaotic answer, i hope this helps:)
Alessandra O.
1. Start doing from something little that you dislike “less”
2. Figure out in your mind the sensation you would have when the the job will be done
Danielle O.
If you had/have a plan to complete one task, take the first step. For example, if you want to do laundry, just start with collecting the dirty clothes into the basket. Once you take one step, it may motivate you to keep going. And if you feel tired, then just do something simple that requires little energy. If you planned to clean your desk, then decide to just move the one item that doesn’t belong to the appropriate area. One small step at a time is how you accomplish your big goals.
Amish C.
Try to re-define your “work” as joy. I’m very lazy so I have mastered this:
1. Break the work down into pieces that are so small, that each step is basically effortless
2. If there’s any step that you still don’t feel like doing it, make it even smaller
3. Try this meditation: close your eyes and visualize yourself doing the work. As each step is done you get a burst of source energy
4. Try reading Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.
Georgia Y.
The key is in separating guilt from ambition. Instead, we should ask ourselves what we would like to do, whilst adjusting to our body’s tiredness. Any action from that moment onwards, is a success. Rewarding ourselves through a bath, or a walk can also make these actions feel more resourceful, as you are slowing down ans taking care of your body, acknowledging it
Cathy T.
I felt the same, I realised that a morning routine and a night routine is important for feeling motivated and energised. No matter how bad or unproductive your day was night routines time are like a fresh start, preparing yourself for tomorrow and letting go of today. Night routines help when trying to commit to a morning routine and morning routines set the tone for the day
Dayanarah E.
That' s why I use the fab app, to help. I am a person that give up easy and get distracted but this app is the one that helps me.
Christian Z.
What i try to think about is that my future self will be thankful for me to try. but sometimes nothing works. if you tried don't be hard on yourself and try to relax maybe that will help you feel better and be able to focus even a little. remember that any work is still work even if it seems small.
Eliza N.
It may not help much but the whole point of building habits and routine is to compensate these low motivation days. Discipline > Motivation. You don't do the things because you "feel like it" but because you promised to yourself this when you made your routine
Navrati N.
I think to not give up and try and try .. take a break and try again. Or start a different perhaps easier subject and not push it even after all these efforts it doesn’t happen. Take a break and then come again
Kyra U.
Try to do just a little bit at a time and give yourself many breaks. If you have no motivation, work for 10-15 minutes then give yourself a break. Just try to do a little bit at a time over the day
Bartolomeu A.
Felt that, but it's not something that just fixes itself right away. It's one of those things you gotta take the time to reflect on, sometimes u might not even know what's bothering you. You might catch an idea if you think about it to yourself for a LONG time or have a really close and trusted friend to vent on, try it… it feels good sometime.
Maite N.
I’m feeling exactly the same. Still working on it. But I’d say try to find something you are passionate about and use it to fuel your everyday.
Iniohos V.
Start with the one most easy and enjoyable task..Sometimes a magical chain reaction begins and you accomplish all your tasks..
Lucy Z.
When you start, you don’t stop, you continue! I have no motivation everyday and of course i always feel tired! But even so i tell myself to faster get this thing over with so that i can do what i want later. So that means i always reward myself for every little thing i do! And i think you should do that too! But even if you didn’t do anything that day, you can still eat! You shouldn’t work to eat! When i don’t want to work, i on some music, and just start. And because i do that i really get a lot done!!
Her Dia P.
I know that is difficult, lot of times I feel the same. First of all, remember that you are not obligated to do something if you don’t wanna do that, so don’t feel worried if you do. On the other side is important to respect your goals, so take a breath, and think that you’re doing this for you and your happiness. In the future you’ll thank this choice.
Alexis C.
Um if you don't have any energy its best if u feel tired u should take a nap or fo something to make u have energy to do it tbh I feel like this 24/7 but usually I get up eat and walk around it gives me energy and I also have low iron so I cant do too many things at a time but get your rest eat something and you will feel energized 😌
Cecilia N.
Sometimes I give myself a few moments (or a weekend) to myself and disconnect. Otherwise I create a to do list each day (in the TickTick app) and use Fabulous to track my journey. I’ve been trying to force myself to do my most hated/detailed tasks Mon-wed so that the rest of the week is mostly chill. This is to prevent burnout because whew – you know how it is right now. Hope this helps!
Sofia G.
Stop your mind by doing meditation.. then just do and don't wait for motivation!… if you are really tired make a break time to recover
Francesca S.
I procrastinate and watch YouTube first and then I will be determined to do work. I will put an alarm on my phone or leave it on my calendar and then I’ll need to do it so there is why I always do work.
Caitlen R.
Just start. It's so overwhelming at first, but getting started is literally the hardest part. Whenever I decide to just start with no distractions, I can focus so much better.
Hugh Z.
It’s ok to have a mental break sometimes. I usually need a break to recollect my thoughts. But when taking that break maybe just make a list of what made you feel this way and try to fight past those emotions that don’t want you to be motivated. If your really tired maybe take on nap per week on a less busy day. Whatever is best.