What is your biggest distraction when you do deep work?

Ekaterina Z.
You know what, when I do my work, I usually pay attention to it like I'm so focused I don't even use social media or anything. It's the thing before I do my work that stops me. Like in my head, I'm aware that I needed to do something but my laziness stops me from doing it. I hardly get up from bed or leave my phone for a bit the moment I wake up. I'm pretty much focused when I do my work, I just need to work out on how to fight laziness.
Rachel P.
Emails coming in. Its easy to get distracted by the chime of email in your inbox. I try to keep notifications turned off while working.
Craig Y.
My biggest distraction is my mind going a hundred miles per hour and also my phone. I tend to forget that I’m in the deep work stage.
Veronica J.
It definitely other coworkers. Any little interruption throws me off, so I put a sign up to let them know when it’s okay to approach my desk.
Marie U.
My children! Hands down even if I am already working on a project for them I can still be distracted by them. Their ideas flow much more freely and it is hard to contain and depending on the topic combined with the overall goal of their distractions to my agenda I don’t want to always contain it. So I have to be willing to allow for that in every project task chore or me time idea I may have. As a parent yes I deserve time but I also chose to have children who undoubtedly need time and nurturing. I give my life so they may fully live. They are me and more!
Expedita Q.
While investigating, it is easy to get off track to other things and pages. Also, new tasks appear and there is an urge to have them all done. Finally when working with other people, their doubts or questions can get you easily distracted.
Jim F.
My biggest distraction is , it is easy for me to slip into my thoughts
I learnt to overcome this by writing down what I am thinking
Gerhard U.
Staying on task and not getting distracted by my phone or other people. Putting my phone away is one thing but people coming and asking u questions constantly is another
David Q.
Email and small requests from colleagues at work. I got better at reprioritizing these and just putting them on a Todo list, but sometimes what I think is a three minute response, which I actually prefer to do right away, turns out to be a mini project of its own. Best when realising is to put this away for later but it starts nagging on me because I've already started and the worst that happens is I try to switch quickly between two tasks and quickly finish both… It usually ends with a lot of stress and a headache… So, this is what I'm trying to avoid. Maybe three minute response should go away entirely.
Livio Y.
My biggest distraction when I do deep work is my phone. It can be tempting, but I find the best thing to do is just keep it far away.