What sort of work do you do for deep work?

Naja P.
Assess clients needs and wants, then build out a list of places to go tour. From there I set appointments based on a discovery call, and add it to the calendar. While I’m doing that I build out social media content for the week as well as publish daily stories to generate more clients.
Helga C.
I pick anything important to me. Put on ambient music, set the scene clear the desk. and just go at it. I use it like an intro for the 45 minute study sessions and the hour long secret projects.
Jonas N.
Researching topics of interest, listening to podcasts and summarizing and reflecting on my purpose and where I want to in the future.
Titouan F.
I am both in academia and a fitness trainer. I would either read, write or edit texts of mine or of others, grade papers or write grants. For training I would prepare sessions for the best week.
Luis Y.
Hi there! For my work, I usually need to read long papers or books. I also have to write. These activities take most of my deep work/deep focus activities.
Teresa W.
Since I do mostly creative work, I spend my deep work time making visual art or writing. You can get just about any project done during deep work time.
Simon Z.
I try to completely give my full attention to my daily office work with full efficiency which helps me to wrap up my work sooner then I expected and automatically the errors are also less due to my complete focus on the work.
Patrik S.
Video editing, or anything that I know it will require a lot of repetition in some processes. After the first 7 min or so, because some processes of the worl repeat themselves, I loose track of time.

I get too distracted if I try to deep work with stuff that requiere too much planning or creativity. My mind wonders in diferent directions.

Connor O.
I read books on philosophy, and those that inspire. I quietly reflect by walking in nature and/or writing. The work involves perspectives on life. Assumptions about purpose and how I might make sense of tragedy in my life.