What do you do so that the sounds of the routine and the bell at the end don’t make you lose your focus?

Soren E.
I have become used to the habit list, and I complete most of the habits before I open the app. Then I use Fantastic as a checklist and reminder.
Fabien T.
Once i establish the routine. I let the routine play on silent and set an alarm on my phone. This way I could +/- time as it situated me.
Ma Line T.
I actually don’t hear the sounds at the end. I place my phone on silent when I’m working or studying. I know you can adjust the volume settings in the app, but honestly the noise doesn’t keep me from focusing on the tasks I have set up.
Ana Lle E.
I only use fabulous while working when I want the bells and background noise, on which case I welcome their interruption😊

Otherwise, I do my routines on my own c ounting,then go to the app later when I have a moment to check them off.

A downside to this is that I often forget to check them off, sfometimes for days. But I prefer to get behind on,y streak to being hooked/dependent on the app/phone…

Randall F.
I am starting to associate the musical sounds with certain habits. Actually I wish I knew how to change the sounds as well as to customize the length of the habit sessions. So I just hit snooze because it’s the only thing I know how to do to continue a session when I’m not ready to stop. How about you?