When doing deep work, sometimes the mind doesn’t want to leave that work. What are good transition methods to go about returning to and leaving deep work?

Kenneth U.
I myself don’t *entirely* share your dilemma, in that even if my mind wants to stay with deep work longer than the time I have allotted, it is a rare treat when someone in my environment (husband, child, student) doesn’t break my focus either by requesting my attention or by making too much ambient noise. That said, I have tried to adopt the idea of using every distraction as an opportunity. When I wrench mind from my deep work, I ask myself, “What can I do with this opportunity?” I have also had some success using the “Revise and Recommit” habit to return to deep work. (I eventually omitted the habit, though, in an overall habit purge because at a certain point the sheer number of habits I accumulated through taking various Fabulous journeys felt intenable and stressful. I think I need to accumulate habits and journeys at a slower pace.)