How do you make sure the distractions you noted down this time won’t happen again?

Bob F.
I would observe the distractions for a week, is just note them down but do not act on them. After that week, you have data to explore. Is there a pattern? Can you engineer your surroundings so that the distraction does not have the chance to arise?
Marion Z.
focus. Before i start anything i think about all i have to do and i try to focus as much as i can. I take order about my space and the asmosphere. I play jazz or lofi and put all the work i have to do from the most important to the less and then i turn off the notifications and after all of that, i star
Vicky T.
Be sure to stop and notice when, where and how did you get distracted today.
Stop and visualize those moments. Think and write how would you like to act, respond next time when faced with similar circumstances. Stay focus on your
Joy S.
I find distractions always happen, I just learn to not chase them. I write them down and stay focused on the task at hand.
Aiden Y.
Buscando maneras efectivas de bloquearlas , y si no resultan intentar otras opciones de bloqueo hasta que luego de un tiempo no sean una distraccion en la mente