Music or no music? :)

Kayla N.
I like music. 😉

If you are asking about music during meditation, it might make it more challenging. Trying not to get mentally involved in the music is more than I can normally do.

Ambient sounds are enough for me. Letting them come and go as they please.

Victoria S.
I don't know what you mean, but power music for jogging is great besides that I suggest Hans Zimmer for studying or working.

Best regards

Isaiah F.
Yes, but it depends on why and how.for me, music sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. If it doesn't help you focus, turn it off.
Maxwell U.
I would absolutely say music because it’s extremely important in my life. It allows me to set the tone for my day and get off on the right foot. I use it during exercise and at work to help me focus on tasks and get through anything and everything in my day to day life.