What do you do on weekends with your good habits and routines or on holidays or other days when unexpected stuff comes up or your traveling?

Muharrem E.
I try to still do all my scheduled habits, but if i miss some I try not to worry about it because if I do, i will see it as a failure and it will be harder to motivate myself to start doing it again on Monday.
Cindy E.
In "Miracle Morning," by Hal Elrod, he described the need to do the described habits daily, if only one repition or one minute. I find a way to carry out my habits every day, even if I shorten them down. A five Mile run can easily become 20 push-ups in a hotel room on vacation.

Hope that helps! Stay Fabulous!

Kemal O.
I tried to choose habits and routines that can be done regardless of the schedule for that day. They’re all small things that I could fit into my day whether I’m at home or away.
If it’s the weekend and I am sleeping in or on vacation, I just move my morning routine a little later.
I can also substitute items in my routine. For example if part of my afternoon routine is going to a yoga class but I’m on vacation, then I would just spend 20 minutes stretching wherever I was.
Focused work is one of my afternoon routines, but if I’m on vacation or it’s the weekend then I spend that time doing focused work on something in my house. Maybe decluttering my office or working in the yard.