I find it hard to stick to the time given for a task.. what’s your tip to plan so that U know u have enough time

Scarlett X.
Sometimes it can be hard to stick to a time you've set for your work because of different distractions that may show up. To solve this simply take/put away all distractions. Although, do this step by step. On your first day when you're starting your work or task and you find yourself getting distracted by something, record that distraction down. This way the next time you do the task or something similar, that distraction won't annoy you again. As for sticking to the time, whenever you see yourself free and doing something unproductive use that time to do the certain task at hand. That way you'll waste less time and get your task done. Other than this, try the Pomodoro technique where you study/work/ complete tasks for 25 minutes intervals with breaks. It keeps your mind active and allows you to focus more rather than focusing on on thing for 2 hours with no breaks which makes it more boring. Also make sure you divide whatever task you have in different sections. For example if your task is to clean the house, divide small sections of time for sub tasks such as cleaning dishes, dusting, laundry etc.
Clark Q.
Make a separate time for your incoming plan, cause you made a task and you knew it would take your time. So separate a time for it.
Ugochi H.
Everybody has the same about of time given to them. But how we make use of our time differs. The reason must of us find it hard to stick to the time given for a task is because the time allotted for that task has bewn used for something else entirely. If by 12 I am meant to exercise but instead I watch a movie then I haven't stuck to my plans. My solution is to tag each hour because when you do that you will realize that you have time to play and also work
Heather Y.
Block scheduling. Plan everything out but don’t stress yourself with hour by hour plans and specific deadlines that will only cause stress when you miss them. Block out 2-3 hrs at a time, morning block, kids Home school block, work at home block, afternoon block, evening block, bedtime block. Write down all the tasks you want to complete for the day or goals you want to meet each day and organize them by time block. Cross them off the list. Urgent tasks that you don’t get can be pushed to the next block or rolled to the next day.
Rosie N.
I suggest trying to make the time frame a little longer to accommodate whatever the things life throws at you. For example if you wanted to do a quick ten minute workout, try scheduling it for thirty minutes just In case someone or something interrupts you during the workout.
Cris S.
Make sure to break down the task to its step by step procedure. This will help you assess how much time you need for each step and thus you will be able to accurately grasp the time needed for the entire task.
Kaitlin S.
Write down everything that needs to get done the next day and a time estimate then organize but don’t forget more breaks than you think are necessary and be realistic about how much you can handle in one day
Deborah W.
I often find myself doing a lot longer on a task because I got into a creative or because I’m being more perfectionist than I need to be. One thing that helps me with both of those is setting a timer. I still go too long. But not as excessively too long.
Erstename S.
The best way to figure out how long it takes you to finish a task is by keeping track of the time you take to do certain types of tasks, and then fine-tuning your estimates based on your data. I find it best to begin this fine-tuning by planning a task as if it will take about half an hour more than you think the task will take you to complete, and then increasing or decreasing your alloted time for similar tasks over time.
Valerie P.
Better late than never.. if i couldn’t stick with the time.. i will sacrifice later time to make up for the task. As long as i get it done by the end of period.
Dandrea F.
If time is an issue, perhaps adding more time to the task is more realistic. Also, see if there are things that you can do to be more efficient in the task.
Babette Q.
Maybe you should try to keep a logbook with the time you spend on a task. I think practice makes perfect on this one. The more you'll try to guess the time you'll need, the better you'll get at it!
Basel U.
What helped me most is prioritizing what I have to do.
So before going to bed I’d write what I have to do tomorrow, don’t write too many things but it’s okay if you do
Afterwards, arrange the tasks by how important they are to you; for example, A for most important followed by B and so on, or you could use numbers.

The next day make it your job to start with the most important thing and work your way down the list so you accomplish what it is you want to accomplish.

For example, I’d have to study for an exam and that should be my top priority but also I’d have to do laundry or clean my room, I used to not prioritize and I’d do laundry and clean my room and whatever else tasks that aren’t as important as studying. I’d feel like I accomplished something but it’s not the right thing to do.

Tl;dr: start your day with the more important tasks

Erika C.
That’s my very same problem. Because sometime i’m successfully studying and I don’t want to interrupt it for instance to practice self love or other. I don’t really know how to tackle this
Hiba N.
Hey! I can relate, sometimes I don't stick to the time I set for activities either but here is what I've learned to fix that: First of, I've started doing tasks that are easier first. That way u can get easy stuff out of the way and spend time on the harder things. Or you can do it the opposite way around, harder tasks first then easier works any way! Next, even though this is a very boring tip and is ignored a lot, I would suggest keeping away all distractions because they can honestly make completing tasks a lot harder. Try to keep your phone away when doing tasks so u won't spend hours and hours on one thing like doing laundry. Keep your phone away and do everything u need to do before I start the task for example laundry. It is a time taking task so that's why it's more important to attend to all your other things and then move on and focus on laundry so you don't waste time. Last tip I would suggest is either write yourself notes everywhere around your house (specially places that are 'distracting' such as the fridge if u know what I mean 😂 and make sure to also tell yourself in the mirror that you will complete this task with ease before u start it because this just helps me boost my energy and gets me more enthusiastic into starting whatever task I have at hand. These are things I would do to not waste time, and stick to whatever task I've got and not be distracted. Let me know if u want more tips I've still got plenty In mind! Good luck!!
Clelia B.
See how big the task is and break it down in many sessions. Make space and take a fixed amount of time each day to achieve one of the subgoals. It helps you complete the task without feeling overwhelmed.
To stick with the habit, treat yourself after you succeed in staying focused on the task for a given amount of time.
Try the pomodoro method if you have a short attention span. (25min work, 5 min break, repeat until you did what you wanted to achieve)
Do not have your phone with you when working, or anything that will break your focus. (Computer, game, people, etc.)
Lastly, keep believing in yourself. The more you achieve a short session per day, the better you build your habit. Even if it's just 15 min a day the first day, by being consistent, you will be able to double, then triple (if you want) that amount. Because diligence helps your mind focus and not look for distractions.

I hope you took the time to read all of this and that it helped you a lot. I have had a lot of attention troubles ever since being a child, so I understand exactly how it feels to not be able to work consistently. Once I managed to discipline myself, I started making wonders in my workfield… Good luck to you!

Hannah O.
Well, if a certain time works better, you can always set a reminder for that time instead, but I reccomend making a list eother on your phone or on paper of all the things youd like to do in a day, and rank them from most to least important. When you know what you need to get done today and what cannbe put off until tomorrow, its easier to gauge how much time you need for each thing, and then you can shedule your time given for the task accordingly! So, simply put, make yourself a list and how much time youre going to put into easch task:)