I can’t concentrate properly whether doing a hard core work or relaxing one.. there is always something going on in back of my mind. Can you help me what should I do?

Hulda T.
Close your eyes and imagine that what is going on in the back of your mind is a river of thoughts. Sit by the riverside and watch the thoughts go by. Do not jump in, do not go swimming, just watch the thoughts go by. Now turn around and walk away from the river. The river is still there but it isn’t you. You’re you and you’re walking away from the river. If you can’t bring yourself far enough away for it to be so you can’t hear it, then ask yourself what is stopping you. That is the thing to deal with.

Marit X.
Learn to meditate. It teaches you to clear your mind and be in the present. Tai-chi is also very helpful when learning how to clear your mind, be in the moment and to focus on what you are doing. You can also search mindfulness online to research other alternatives.

Pamela T.
Maybe it would help to deal with those things as part of your routine. Plan fixed moments where you deal with 1 big thing or 3 small things, write a to do list to organise your thoughts about all that is on your mind. I find planning ahead to work on pre-determined tasks can be demotivating so I just create a gap in my routine by planning to do 3 things and decide what they are right before or as I go along. Having fixed moments planned for these things calms my mind and improves focus for work.

Gary J.
There may be other things on your mind but as long as you get the work done that’s the most important thing. To help myself focus I always use a timer. I set it for 30 mins or 60mins and then my goal is to do as much of a certain task before the timer goes off. This really helps me focus. I hope it helps you.

Urien Z.
Try meditation. Working on being able to shut things out. Ignore the distractions. Set a goal to get x done…then work/focus on that. Stop telling yourself you can't ignore the distractions. Tell yourself you will accomplish your task. Believe you will do it.

Veronica T.
You should probably seek out professional help. I had a similar issue where I would have to start a movie 19 times and still not watch it. I could not concentrate on the things I was doing and I was actually a danger to myself.

If you don't think your issues are that bad, perhaps think about the things going on in the back of your mind to see if they are that important. But maybe focus on the present and keep refocusing on the present.

Idelso S.
I had that same problem at one time and I can concentrate on the task at hand pretty well now but it doesn’t happen overnight or in any specific period of time. Not being able to concentrate is a common problem with many others and there are many things that come into play that may be causing it. Your body may be trying to signal your mind that you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep at night or that you aren’t supplying your systems with the proper amount of nutritious food or your too still not getting enough oxygen to your brain by not g moving your limbs and muscles.

There are other not so obvious reasons but it will take time to get to the real cause of this problem. I suggest you find a good meditation app in the google or apple App Store and follow the very helpful mind calming meditation features and audio presentations. One such site that’s good at doing this is CALM.

Your journey to better your cognitive powers is shared by many others so there are a lot of helpful apps on the market to fit your particular need Use the search line in the App Store and type in app to improve concentration and see what you come up with. Pintrest can also give helpful information when you type in a certain keyword to find out about a topic.

I hope you will be successful in finding your special app, or even e-book or magazine article to get the help you need. Once you start searching for the answer things will begin to make sense as you get farther into your search. I know it’s done that very thing for me.

Edouard I.
Use a notepad to write everything down what’s on your mind. It can help to empty your mind. Your brain knows it’s safely recorded externally so it doesn’t have to hold on to the thoughts in an effort to remember it. When you’re taking a break or finish your work you can deal with the things you wrote down.

Ezio Y.
Hi – there are a couple of things I usually do: 1. Remove distractions (if in an office, I will put on noise cancelling headphones, and listen to the same kind of music – usually no-word house music does it for me) this also creates a bit of a ritual associating the music and the headphones with work. 2. I use the pomodoro technique – so basically just set a timer and make a deal with yourself that you’ll only work for the duration of the timer – say 10 minutes – and then take a break. I usually just find myself wanting to keep going, else I’ll indeed take the vreak and then do another session. You can gradually increase to 20-30 or longer intervals. 3. Try awareness meditation – you might find yourself eventually just noticing the intruding thoughts come and go, like clouds, or the wind. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey!

Jonas Z.
Always talk with your MD prior to beginning a program such as this. There is an EMDR app for Anxiety Reduction which should also help you with concentration. If your PCP is unfamiliar with EMDR, talk to a Neurologist or Psychiatrist or qualified EMDR therapist and follow their instruction.

Alexandre S.
Have a notebook and pencil nearby. Every time a thought pops up, quickly jot it down and then let it go. Take a breath and refocus.