What if you find you just cannot focus after a busy day?

Emilie Y.
I guess the best thing to do is get a good sleep & try again the next day.
Renee Z.
If I get this situation for me the best option is to try to sit for 25 min for deep study ( at that time due to a very busy day alot of distraction will be) but this will make me focus and prioritise to me what is important than I can sit 3-4 to study too with no problem as now I will be focused.
Va Se P.
After a busy day, I take a 20 minute nap but before I take the nap I write down the thing I want to focus on when I wake up. This way when I wake up I'm prepared to take action. This helps me focus after a long day
Vanessa Y.
I try to think of it as adding more value to a busy day. If I am feeling like skipping a task I try to push myself and talk myself into how another ten minutes will make an overall difference
Eugenia F.
Take Deep breaths for 5 mins….. Take a short nap 25 mins, your mind will be rested
Jordan F.
I'll understand that i'm exhausted, usually it's because I need sleep. Sometimes I (if I can) sleep. Sometimes I try to power through… the later almost never works
Dilan C.
I allow myself some time by doing some activity that does not require a lot of mental heavy lifting. I then ease myself into focusing by doing a number of deliberate acts. I set up my work station, I turn off my phone and I grab a cup of tea. This routine helps to get me in the right frame of mind for focused work.
Loeci N.
I used the search terms 'focus', 'binaural' and 'music' to readjust my focus. Usually it just fades into the background and I am back on track!
Bertram Y.
Take a break! Nothing is written in stone. Get some tea!
Roseneide C.
If you are having trouble focusing for deep work, try taking a few minutes for meditation to see if you can slow down a bit. Also, forgive yourself if it doesn’t happen!
Olivar E.
Breathe. Take a walk. Use Google Assistant to unload any tasks or reminders. Do some yoga and repeat my performance statement.
Art P.
Then don't…. relax. Try to get one more thing done by the end of the day to feel even more accomplished. Busy day sounds like you did a lot already.
Noah P.
Focusing is probably a " left-brain" activity using logic. You could try a creative outlet such as music or art, a mindfulness activity using your senses, going for a walk, daydreaming, meditation, hot bath or shower, the sent of lavender is relaxing, etc. Maybe you could "focus" before your busy day. If your "busy day" is work, leave your work at work! where it belongs. Only work the hours required 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It's not worth working extra hours for a larger pay check if it affects you like this. I'm unable to work because of my illness, so I miss out on socializing and friendships. These are some important aspects in life. I hope that some of my ideas will help you winddown so you can better focus after a busy day.
R Bia P.
I take a long shower and spend most of the shower just laying down, thinking, and letting the water just run off my stomach. It’s very relaxing and can very easily take away all my tension