What do you do during deep work if you don’t have traditional work to do?

Audrey W.
I usualy try to have some sort of goal to pursue, usualy this is some creative endevour, exploring new ideas or aquiring new knowledge. This helps me from stagnating in general, it’s easy to fill your time with mindless entertainment. And also IF you have nothing to purse, cleaning never goes out of style.
Tracey U.
I always organize my planner and update my to do list at the beginning of every morning. I get my files together for that day's appointments and ensure everything is printed and in file. This usually takes 30 to 45 minutes and by focusing only on these items it sets a positive momentum for the day and it feels great to be organized and not jumping all over the place.
Na L S.
First of all you relax you mind, then think about posibilities and the focus on your new proyect, trying to make it real.
Damas C.
If I don't have traditional work to do in deep work sessions. I start to analyse myself and my lacking points and start to find alternative solution to problem(lack). Moreover, I start reading general knowledge or do maths excercises in deep work to increase knowledge. What I want is more inspiration to move forward in gaining knowledge as it priceless.
Raul U.
So far, I have only performed traditional work during deep work, however, I will use the time for self-improvement activities ( foreign language practice, visualization) on my days off.
Same O.
I have a goal that is not about what I'm doing now and when I have nothing to do I go to that work and work on. it something personal.