How do I get myself to do my fabulous routines? Most of the time I just ignore the notifications because I’m doing something else like just playing video games or just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Amalie W.
Spend some time (as I'm going to bed works best for me so it's fresh when I wake up) focusing on why you want to do the routines. Think of the better life you could have and revel in the though that you actually have the chance to achieve it!! How exciting is that!! You just have to take the baby steps to start the journey. If you aren't motivated to change it will never "just happen." And no one can motivate you but yourself.
D Cimo S.
Ya we can get used to ignoring notifications. For me, I think about the reason I started the routine in the first place. E.g why did I want to unplug from screens – so I can have a clearer head generally. So, when I hear the ping I think of the possibility of having a clear head – so I do it. It serves as a motivator.
Ron T.
First off are you really committed to pulling off your Fabulous or is it actually just another thing. I am committed because I believe The Fabulous will really change me into someone I always wanted to become if I keep doing my habits and later probably have me doing other exciting things.
Amber O.
Start smaller. I find I ignore the notifications when there are too many steps and they don't seem relevant. Also customize the ritual so that it fits you and your lifestyle.