How can I be completely focused and motivated and make the effort to change?

Julia E.
We need to understand why we need to change. If you don't see any benefits from the change itself, it is impossible to make efforts. Then, start small. Honestly speaking, the habit of drinking water before going to bed helps me a lot in starting the other habits. Do not begin with more than one habit. Just start with one simple habit.
Christian W.
I would think wanting to be completely focused maybe an unrealistic expectation of anyone I don't think we can we can do that I think our mind will wander that's what it does I think it's more about being aware that the mind has wandered and bringing it back
I think motivation is something that's got to be practiced I think an app like this helps us stay on track and for me it's about the intention to change the intention to keep going and imagining myself as a motivated person for me it's about building new neuronal pathways in the brain intention to be motivated and focused and imagining myself like that and it takes practice a few times a week doing it
Alvin Z.
By starting off with a lot of tasks in my rituals I found myself not being able to complete them all. That kills self motivation. Start with the most ridiculously easy things and grow one task at a time. Add another task at least 2 weeks since you added the last one.
Aubrey T.
What helps for me is doing one thing at a time and blocking out distraction so I can really commit to the task at hand. This helps a lot with the focus part. Also taking the time to think about what I'm going to do and why helps with the motivation because in the end it will serve a greater purpose. Last but not least I tell myself that everything I want to to achieve will cost effort so no matter if I'm feeling up or down I will still do what is needed to make a change.
Winfried Q.
I generally prepare a list of tasks and then prioritize the tasks in terms of urgency. Start with the top priority and work till I finish that. It has worked for me for over 20 years, you can try it too.