What kind of things do you choose to tackle during deep work?

Cody Romero
Decluttering is my favorite. I have decluttered emails, a drawer, a folder, a shelf. Going through something, piling it all in front of you, throwing out the junk and putting things back in order has a huge effect on productivity and priority for me. It feels so good.

Bendavid Fogaça
My homework, but typically the assignments that seem to be looming over my days. I find that if I just start it, even for five minutes, it makes the work seem less “impossible.”

Tomislav Hanke
Tasks that require me to put aside time for them and focus. Sometimes I struggle to make time for things that are important, so I take advantage of deep work and work on them. For example: reading, studying, and applying to jobs

Marino Da mota
Generally I choose to do my most important task of the day or the task that requires the most focus.

Curtis Carr
I use deep work twice during the day. First time is at work to block out all distractions. Second time is at home where I do a whole house organization.

Holly Lewis
During "deep work" I normally choose to tackle things that I know I need to do but I don't want to do. This can range from working on a school project to doing some deep cleaning to tackling a work assignment to running some errands. I use deep work to focus my attention on a task that I'm likely to procrastinate on. It's how I motivate myself to start on a task.

Isabella Petersen
Something that usually takes a little while to really get into, like cross stitching, tackling a new tricky recipe, guitar practice. Things that take concentration