How do you keep free of distractions when you are not feeling optimal? I’ve felt a bit under the weather for the last couple of days and cannot seem to keep my focus for long and am sensitive to procrastination.

Emil G.
If you are not feeling great, it may effect your focus. One thing that might help with this is if you get things done in set time periods and give yourself a bit of break time. This will help you get more done in the long run.
Mads Y.
I start writing in my journal and let what is in comes out, it usually begins with describing where I am and what i have done so far today, then how i feel at the moment, what bothers me, what has inspired me recently, and the writing continues itself as long as it needs. After such reflection i feel more focused and relieved. That’s why my journal is always bymyside!
Marie P.
Setting a peaceful work environment can help set the mood. Music or nature sounds that engage the mine but allows you to keep focus on the work at hand. Turn off the phone if you can and break it up into small sessions. If you think of it in smaller portions your mind won’t think of it as a challenge.