When is the best time of the day to start the deep work?

Amber N.
I find that the time changes. I have the reminder set for a time during the afternoon when I’m usually working on things anyways, but I find that when I get motivated throughout the day that is when I run to my phone to turn the 25 minute timer on. Motivation for me comes and goes so when I feel it coming on I turn it on…which changes throughout the week.

Lori W.
It depends on when you work the best (are most focused) and on what you are working on. Since I'm working on more emotional work, I prefer the afternoon @4p. But if I was writing a paper or something I'd do it @10a

Lisa O.
For me, I am a morning person, so mornings are best. Right now I am so edgy from the pandemic that I exercise first, which sands down my edges and frees my brain to focus. My brother is a night person. He starts his deep work at 8pm. I am guessing whatever time of day is your best, that’s the time.

Silvia O.
To me, during the afternoon, after my short break at 3pm. I drink some water, stretch and then get back to work fully. I think that whenever after a break is a great moment to get into the deep work mode 🙂

Tevia F.
I feel like for me it's a lot easier to do in the morning when my brain hasn't fully woken up yet to the busyness of the day or in the afternoon when everyone is resting or taking a nap, basically when everyone else is still sleeping or not out in the main area.

Gerald Q.
Right after eating breakfast because of the day just started so you got all energy. Right after a meeting with co-workers I guess it is also well done, because you are already focus on things going.