Typing or writing? Which one do you like best?

Michelle J.
I like writing when learning, the physical act helps me remember. So I use it for note taking and planning. Typing keeps up with my thoughts, so I use it for communication; essays, short stories, reviews, etc.

Kys N.
I dont really know. I feel like typing is easier, faster, and does not hurt your hand as much. But, at the same time, i really like writing, because its more personal, its more real in a way.

Telmo Z.
I liked typing more because my hand hurts when i write stuff especially now im typing on my diary typing my daily gratitude which is much easier for me. Tho i want to write to enhance my penmanship

Renee C.
Writing is a good feeling rather than typing. Plus I believe I am much faster in writing rather than typing. Worth to mention, touching paper is more pleasant.

Juan W.
To me typing is just the evolution of writing, same thing different format. Speaking of format, it does depend. For notes I love typing as I am much faster and the information can be edited and revisited and organized way better. For task keeping and daily to-do’s I do like a pad that gives me a sense of progress I can go back and see what I have accomplished in that moment and prior to today. It gives a sense of accomplishment and resolution to see my tasks marked as “done”. Not post its though, I like a pad or a notebook.

Alyssa S.
It depends on the content typically, but I usually prefer typing because its much faster for me. I usually write out drafts and planners, but daily notes, papers, and texts definitely call for typing!

Lisa O.
I love both. Handwriting is more personal, and if I want to visually represent things or map thoughts out. Typing for when my thoughts come out in a flurry or I want to edit later.

Nikolas T.
I learned how to finger-type a short while ago, so I quite like the speed and efficiency it offers since you can copy-paste things and not have to worry about mistakes too much, as you can always go back and correct them.
Yet, going 'old-school' and writing with a pen and paper also has a few benefits for me. I'm recently finding out that typing to-do lists and stuff I need to remember in digital format doesn't help me remember, so writing stuff manually and keeping the notes close to where I can see them, I think, is a better way of remembering stuff.
Whichever you choose, just make sure you focus on the result, rathen that the way you achieved the result. Put simply: If you do something and it works, then keep doing that.

Merry N.
I used to type however after I did the Productivity Challenge that changed. I found that I was much more creative and Calmer when writing.
It slowed down the train of my overthinking ADHD magnifying mind.
Merry in Idaho

Sue U.
Typing. I've always had difficulty with sloppy writing, and I find writing by hand slow and tedious. My brain works too quickly to keep up by hand, while my typing speed at least comes close and is something I take pride in.

Rama N.
I like both, depending on what I want to do. Typing is good for studying and thesis related brainstorming, while writing things down in a notebook is better for CBT and lists.

Britta F.
I prefer writing by hand if the aim is to reflect, especially if I have a comfortable pen. Holding a pen in my hand creates a different feeling, and connects my thinking into words in a more contemplative way. As it also is a slower process, it allows me to develop my thoughts in a more careful manner. On the other hand, if I use words as a brainstorm, I can prefer typing, as I can quickly get out my thoughts without thinking too much, and review them later.

Κωνσταντινα Μι. N.
Although typing is easier and can correct you in case of being fault, writing makes you work harder, therefore you think more to create each letter and to be aware in case of a mistake.

Abigail T.
Typing! I’m a bit biased because I’m dyslexic, so reading/writing handwriting is very difficult. Text-to-speech is a godsend

Mamede I.
Both really! Writing for poetry or some schemas, typing for many other things. To organize I adore the app workflowy.
I also love the speech to text functionality on my cellphone's recorder app. Even the most recent version of Word now has this speech to text functionality .When I have to write something complex I like to first record my voice at normal speed and then retype what I said by listening to it ( sometimes with the help of the speech-to-text function). My ideas go too fast for typing sometimes : I loose my train of tought before I have the time to Express it.
Hope this helps and good work 🙂

Isobel T.
I prefer writing to typing. I feel like I can get into a more natural flow with pen or pencil on paper than I can typing… at least when specifically typing on a phone. Typing on a keyboard is okay.

Brynn F.
I like both. Writing feels more creative and I'm more likely to add fun colors and sketches and stickers, and holding pretty paper is nice. However sometimes I need the speed of typing, and sometimes I want a digital backup.

Hayden O.
I can usually not read what I’ve written due to the fact that I am left handed and have a tendency to write fast. Typing for sure.

Leah X.
Writing. Especially seeing as how I took up calligraphy as a new hobby. I used to love to write with a fountain pen as a child, and "feel" the paper and see the ink slowly dry. It is an excellent mindfulness practice in every possible way 🙂

Alyn N.
Both is okay for me. If it's more convenient to type and I need to complete it fast, I'll choose typing. But if its about studying, making notes or doing some revision, writing on paper works best for me.

Mafalda P.
I like writing it show’s characters in what’s happening or going on in you’re story of life writing is simplicity in its Finnest form of art and love building creative abundance with words from the heart typing all is fast and and helpful tool for spelling writing gets you reading and working in format a paste of you’re liking typing is to you’re liking but on screen and touch not as much feel as pen