Typing or writing? Which one do you like best?

Alyssa S.
It depends on the content typically, but I usually prefer typing because its much faster for me. I usually write out drafts and planners, but daily notes, papers, and texts definitely call for typing!

Lisa O.
I love both. Handwriting is more personal, and if I want to visually represent things or map thoughts out. Typing for when my thoughts come out in a flurry or I want to edit later.

Κωνσταντινα Μι. N.
Although typing is easier and can correct you in case of being fault, writing makes you work harder, therefore you think more to create each letter and to be aware in case of a mistake.

Leah X.
Writing. Especially seeing as how I took up calligraphy as a new hobby. I used to love to write with a fountain pen as a child, and "feel" the paper and see the ink slowly dry. It is an excellent mindfulness practice in every possible way 🙂

Alyn N.
Both is okay for me. If it's more convenient to type and I need to complete it fast, I'll choose typing. But if its about studying, making notes or doing some revision, writing on paper works best for me.

Michelle J.
I like writing when learning, the physical act helps me remember. So I use it for note taking and planning. Typing keeps up with my thoughts, so I use it for communication; essays, short stories, reviews, etc.

Telmo Z.
I liked typing more because my hand hurts when i write stuff especially now im typing on my diary typing my daily gratitude which is much easier for me. Tho i want to write to enhance my penmanship

Abigail T.
Typing! I’m a bit biased because I’m dyslexic, so reading/writing handwriting is very difficult. Text-to-speech is a godsend

Isobel T.
I prefer writing to typing. I feel like I can get into a more natural flow with pen or pencil on paper than I can typing… at least when specifically typing on a phone. Typing on a keyboard is okay.