How to you prioritize your task if you have lots of urgent/ important tasks to do? How do you prevent to be overwhelmed by that and (worst case scenario) freak out and end up not finishing a single task?

Zeriah U.
I make a checklist and prioritise by what is more time-restricted. If multiple things are due around the same time, I start with smaller tasks to get me in the swing of things. This lets me tackle bigger tasks after my mind is focused. If something is stressing me out more than other things, I move it further up the list, so I can have a clear mind while I do my other important tasks later.

Tina Z.
I used to have a MAJOR issue with this exactly. What works for me is to list out everything in a master list so it's not all in my head. Then on a separate page, make your list of 3 for the day. Even if its all important, it's critical you only commit to 3. Any more and you're setting yourself up for failure. Don't worry about the rest, there's always tomorrow. Once you finish a task, cross it off both today's list and the master so you can see your progress. And celebrate, you shrunk your list!! Just keep swimming, it gets better I promise!!

Josefine P.
My trick is not emotionally think of tasks but to list all of them down at the end of the working day as the following day's tasks. then allocate number to the tasks in order of importance and urgency ..then work on them one after the other . when working on one i dont think of the next till uts time to start on it.

Mia P.
I write a to-do list with my tasks in order from most important to least important or in the order they need to be done in. For example tasks I have a time restriction on I try to get done first while things I need to do but not necessarily at a certain time I wait to do until I've finished all tasks with a time limit. I also like to write a schedule that explains the task and any important notes as well as how much time I want to spend working on it (ex. Clean house-30 min) or what time I want to complete the task (ex. Dinner ready-5:00pm). Writing things down always help me visualize what needs to be done and helps me de-stress. Crossing things off a list is also super satisfying. I hope this helps you prioritize your time and complete everything you need to do each day withoutgettingoverwhelmed.

彬陈 N.
I haven't been able to handle urgent tasks well. That's why I am restarting myself on the focus track to do some deep work

Edel B.
I know exactly how you feel, I have this problem for many years now. The more work I have to do and the more pressure I am under, the less I am capable of doing because my body and brain shut down. I recommend you follow this blog:
The author gives very good advice about this, about how to deal with having too much on your To Do list and prioritising, picking one thing and giving it your whole, devoted and undivided attention without feeling overwhelmed by all the thing you're not doing in that moment.