Do you use music along with your deep work routine or any other apps?

Ashley E.
I like to listen to some japanese music, I’m in love with 1 hour long Kimetsu no Yaiba OST on Youtube, it really keeps me focused and motivated to keep going!
Camilo V.
I first organise the space I'd be working so I don't have distraction, I play some classical music in a low volume, enough for me to softly hear it, and I start a timer in the app "boosted" to also keep track of the activities I do during the deep work sessions.
Kathryn O.
Yes! My favorite music to listen to matches the tone of the day I want to have. Listen to instrumentals or lofi hip hop so you don't get caught up listening to lyrics!!
Kendyl C.
Yes I find the 'Music for Concentration' playlist on Spotify really helpful if I'm struggling to block out external distractions.
Aditya P.
Yes ,sometimes. you can use tide, meditation music, meditation relax music, study music etc. apps which are available on play store.
Or the best one is you can listen to ambience section in fabulous.
Annalisa P.
yes I do a lot ! Especially because it tires me a lot being at home alone in front of pc a lot of hours a day. Music empower me and give me the energy to begin the challenge. Also to hold out the end of the day.
Claudia J.
I try not to play music because I’ll get distracted if a song comes on that I don’t think fits the mood. But sometimes I just really need some music so I do it anyway!
Betsy Y.
Yes, soothing music always work for me, also I listen to some podcast that the voice of the person is sooo relaxing that my husband has to remove my earphones.
Gina Z.
I love to use classical music when I do my deep work. This is in part because many of the pieces have followed me through my life since I played many instruments until I left home to go to school and had much more to study. The other reason is because I feel relaxed, positive when I listen to it. If I start feeling sleepy, I love to switch to Motown classics. They keep me feeling awake, happy and alert to my work. Time just flies by! I think music is a great way to keep going. There are times when quiet is required or better, but overall, classical music never takes away from my work or focus.
Charles P.
Usually I don’t use music when concentrating in a deep work state. But time when I need The rhythmic feel, I use music with no vocals.
Aaron G.
yes i love lofi. i have made mental notes of what lofi livesteams have words or talking tracks bc words distract me if im reading something or trying to focus bc now my focus is on what the track is saying. so dont listen to ur own type if music bc ull want to start jammin out and sing along. ive heard classical music helps too but thats too old school for me.